Sinocence : Scar Obscura

They Say :- The new album “Scar Obscura” is a veritable tour-de-force in vicious, hook-laden, melodic metal. Featuring 10 songs of raging metal anthems, “Scar Obscura” is a must for anybody with even a passing interest in heavy music. With many bands taking on an abrasive screaming approach Sinocence continue to focus on their solid songwriting skills and intense rhythm section. What sets the band apart from their contemporaries however are the soaring and emotional vocals encompassed onto the tracks. On “Scar Obscura” the band have stepped up to reinvigorate the dynamic energetic sound the public have come to expect from Sinocence. If ever there was a coming of age release this is most definitely it!

We Say :- Scar Obscura is the debut release from Northern Irish band Sinocence. It garnered some very positive reviews on it’s initial release and had recently been reissued.

Sinocence are a metal band, pure and simple and Scar Obscura is about as straight up a metal album as it it possible to imagine. 10 tracks of thoughtful, melodic fresh sounding heavy metal is what we have here, and it became an instant favourite of ours.

When the album opens with the impressive (albeit slightly cliched) acoustic guitar intro you are basically waiting for two things. The first is for the guitars to come crashing in and the second (given today’s fashion) is for some growly shouty vocals. And the guitars do indeed come start up with a galloping riff reminiscent of W.A.S.P. before the ‘proper singing’ comes in. It’s a pleasant surprise for those of us who aren’t the biggest fans of growly vocalists, and singer Moro has one of the best metal voices we have heard for a while. This guy can really sing and handles the softer more melodic parts with the same competence as the balls out rock.

Sinocence aren’t afraid to mix things up from time to time. There are a number of laid back acoustic interludes on the record, and the addition of a female backing vocals on Terminus and Art Of Separation works extremely well and genuinely adds something to the tracks.

For us the band are at their best when they let rip, and for that reason we have to single out God Complex as the high point of the album with it’s powerful message and proper underlying angry feel.

Sinocence certainly know how to write and play heavy, hook laden melodic metal of the very highest order and on the basis of this release have a bright future ahead of them.