Ginger Wildheart : 10 (Two) Free Download

They Say :- Trying to pick just 14 songs from Ginger’s back catalogue for the retrospective album ’10’ ( out now through Itunes and all good record stores – includes 2 new songs) was difficult. So difficult in fact we decided to add another 10 songs to it and give you them for FREE!

We Say :- We don’t need to say anything for this one, that lovely Mr. Ginger Wildheart has made 10 (two), consisting of 10 tracks from his extensive solo back catalogue available as a free download. The tracks included come from the albums Valor Del Corazon, Yoni and Black Leather Mojo, and there is some top quality stuff here. So rather than reading this, head off to and download it for yourself.

This is the companion volume to 10, which is available on iTunes. Maybe if you like 10(Two) you may consider buying 10 ? Or maybe not….

Everyone likes Ginger and the Wildhearts, well in our opinion everyone should. Go and download this compilation, and if you like what you hear then check out more of this talented Geordie bloke’s impressive output.

The tracklisting for 10(Two) is…

Can’t Drink You Pretty
10 Flaws Down
Drunken Lord Of Everything
The Monkey Zoo
This Bed Is On Fire
Inside Out
Why Can’t You Just Be Normal All The Time
(Whatever Happened To) Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls