Senes – De-Evolution Theory

They Say :- Steve Senes was kind of a late bloomer in that he didn’t start playing guitar until the age of 15. From that point on it’s been rare to see him without a guitar in his hands.

Having played with various bands over the years, Steve Senes has amassed quite a large variety of styles ranging from Rock, Metal & Southern to Funk, R&B and Soul – with hints of Latin, Jazz, even a Classical moment or two. This diversity is especially evident on Steve’s soon to be released solo instrumental CD, “dE-eVolution oF thEorY”.

Several years of 300+ gigs a year has solidified Steve as a guy who not only just loves to play, but as an artist who craves the stage seven days a week.

Virtuoso(from Italian virtuoso, Late Latin virtuosus, Latin virtus meaning: skill, manliness, excellence) is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability at singing or playing a musical instrument.

We Say :- Instrumental albums by virtuoso guitarists, dontcha just love em. Guitar gods stepping up to the mark and releasing solo albums is nothing new, but finding one which has lasting appeal and is more than an egotistical exercise in how fast they can move their fingers is comparatively rare.

The problem with instrumental albums, especially by guitarists, is that there is a real risk of them sounding pretty similar. This is understandable as there’s a limit to what you can do with 6 strings after all. There’s also the pitfall of it becoming a technical demonstration which ends up feeling more than a little soulless and clinical. Worse still it ends up sounding like a 45 minute guitar solo…

De-Evolution Theory is the new album from South Carolina’s Steve Senes who clearly knows his way around a fretboard, he was voted Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar in 2009. In addition this is a solo album in the literal sense, with Senes com[posing the music as well as playing everything.

Apart from the musicianship, which is pretty much what you’d expect from someone with Steve Senes’ reputation, it’s the ‘feel’ of this album that lifts it above the ordinary. OK there are totally predictable widdly-widdly guitar demonstrations on here like Jam Bomb, but along side that there are forays into a number of different musical styles. These range from the traditional 80s Heavy Metal vibe of The Swami through the out and out high velocity rock of Highball to the bluesy Mare Tranquilltatis and even the funk-swing sound of Cop Show.

For all the complicated fretboard wankery that is evident here Senes also knows when to wind things back when the track demands it. It is the predominantly acoustic Angel where he shows his ability to slow things down and weave a more involved, and involving, tune.

As well as showcasing Senes’ musical skills, De-Evolution theory manages to hold up as a very good album in its own right. It stands up well to repeated listens and that’s not something you can say about all instrumental efforts. On the strength of this release Senes deserves to be up there with the other modern guitar greats like Vai, Satriani and Malmsteen.