2010 Year End Report – Citizen Charlie

What’s been the band’s highlight of 2010 ?

The biggest highlight personally was making the second album. The first one got such great reviews that it was a bit intimidating to go at it again. But once we started it was a blast, and I’m so happy with the result:) Also our third tour of the UK with Falling Red was memorable, and playing SOS festival in Manchester with such great bands and crowd was awesome.

Thinking back to a year ago, have you achieved what you hoped to ?

I gotta say yes, as most of 2010 was spent making “Up Yours” which I’m really happy with, and we managed to do a tour of the UK as well. We got great reviews of the album and had a blast playing the release gig here in Oslo. But off course, one always want more, more gigs, more press, more sales, and that will hopefully happen this year:)

What are the ambitions for the coming year ?

More, more gigs, more press, more sales;) But yeah, hopefully we’ll get closer to doing this 24/7. We’re planning to tour the UK again in july and are doing more gigs in Norway as well. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we just gotta be patient.

Where would you like to see the band this time next year ?

Touring South America, or some other warm place, northern europe is just too fucking cold this time of year!

If you could play one UK festival next year, which one would it be ?

I hope to play as many as possible, but if I have to chose one it would have to be Isle of Wight. First and foremost because of the history of it, and they have Iggy, Foo Fighters and Lissie on the bill, who I wouldn’t mind seeing.

What has been your favorite album of 2010 ?

I gotta say Lissie’s Catchin a tiger even though it’s a bit more pop than what I usually listen to. It’s very rare that newcomers sound so refreshing. Also I’m waiting in anticipation for The Treatment’s (UK) first album. What I’ve heard so far is really great. Matt Jones was the singer of our support band on the first UK tour, and we all agreed he had what it takes:)

And what is the best gig you have seen in 2010 ?

Oh, I saw many great gigs in 2010. Seeing Slash with Fergie doing “Barracuda” at Sunset Strip Music Festival in LA was a blast.  Glen Sobel playing drums at The Baked Potato in LA totally changed my perception of instrumental music. Then I saw Jeff Beck in Oslo, and that just blew me away.

2011 looks like being a good year for gigs, any you are particularly looking forward to ?

We’re doing a gig here in Oslo in two weeks and doing our longest set ever, almost two hours, so that’s a bit nervewracking, but what I’m mostly looking forward to is doing SOS fest again in july:).

If you could go on tour with any band or musician, who would you pick ?

That are still at it? Rolling Stones for sure. Imagine sipping pints with Keith Richards and picking his brains. I just finished reading his book, and am amazed at that guys intellect.

What would you like Santa to bring you ?

As I’m a bit late answering this interview, Christmas has passed, but I received the best present today. Classic Rock Magazine reviewed “Up Yours” and gave it 7/10:D