Hemoptysis – Misanthropic Slaughter

They Say :- Hemoptysis is the unrelenting curse of the Sonoran Desert sun. Made up of a diverse group of musicians that have created a sound not heard since the birth of Thrash Metal decades ago. Often imitated but never duplication, Hemoptysis is the true embodiment of the re-birth of American Thrash Metal.

To compare them to any other band would be an injustice to the originality of their music. Hemoptysis start where other “Original Thrash Metal” bands leave off. They use Thrash Metal as a foundation, mix in the emotions of the desert and in so doing, move the entire genre forward in a way only they can. Whether it’s Masaki’s uncompromising vocals, Travis’ thunderous drums, the monsoon of Ryan’s solos or the heart stopping bass of Sunao, Hemoptysis will leave you breathless.

Wikipedia Says :- Hemoptysis or haemoptysis is the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of blood-stained sputum from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs.

We Say :- Ewww, Yuck

Then We Say :- After a quiet couple of weeks over the festive period, PR companies waking up after their holidays has led to a deluge of new music arriving at CB. We managed to stop listening to the new Motorhead album for long enough to take a quick listen to the recent arrivals to see if anything grabbed the attention, and the debut full length release from Arizona band Hemoptysis certainly did that.

These days there seems to be two main forks in the road followed by Thrash metal. One involves traveling in the footsteps of Testament, Slayer and their ilk and producing what is usually described by the cool kids as Old Skool while not seeking to develop the genre. The other route involves using what has gone before as a basis for producing something different and original.

At this point I should put in some really clever metaphor to describe this, maybe involving trees and musical fruit. God knows I wish I could come up with these things but as I can’t we’ll press on.

To put it simply, we all know there are death metal bands who have their roots firmly in Thrash,  but Hemoptysis are something different. They are undeniably a Thrash band and they display the requisite shredding, pummeling brutality, but it’s the addition of their death metal-ey vocals and some neat changes of pace that keep things interesting. I’m not saying it’s like nothing that has ever gone before, but it’s certainly more distinctive than most.

Whereas with many of their peers you can listen and say ooohhh, that bit’s Metallica.. ooohhh, that bit’s Slayer, ooohhh, where’s the Megadeth… ooohhh there it is, there is much less of that evident in Misanthropic Slaughter. OK, it helps that the songs are very well written and the delivery is faultless. Vocalist Masaki has a very impressive style, ranging from a bestial snarl to almost breaking into song during MOD. This is counterbalanced by guitarist Ryan’s incredible riffing and soloing (seriously, there are some brilliant solos on here, check out the one on the title track).

Hemoptysis undeniably have all of the elements required to take their place at the front of the latest wave of technical, uncompromising thrash metal. It’s always awesome when something totally grabs your attention, especially when up against a ton of new music but with Misanthropic Slaughter this band has. The year is only a few days old and already the benchmark for 2011 thrash has been set and it looks like the genre’s resurgence shows no sign of slowing.

Like Thrash ? Then you’ll like this.