Motörhead : The Wörld Is Yours

They Say :-

‘The Wörld Is Yours’ is a vital, scorching statement of intent from Motörhead as they launch Motörhead Music, their very first record label. Motörhead have never just been the best rock’n’roll band in the world. They’ve never just been the loudest. Or the hardest. Or the toughest. Or the bad-ass-est. No… Motörhead are also a lifestyle. Motörhead are a mindset, a belief, a way to live your life, a way to both survive and beat a society that sometimes seems intent on trying to grind you down.

Which is why Motörhead have chosen now, in what might be some of the most tense times in recent global history, to release a hell-raising, rebel-rousing rock’n’roll opus known as ‘The Wörld Is Yours’.

We Say :- Motorhead have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the past decade. A new album every two years and an almost constant touring schedule have kept the band very much in the public eye, and additional publicity from advertising products as diverse as insurance and beer hasn’t hurt their profile either.

The Wörld Is Yours is Motörhead’s 20th studio release and it follows on from 2006’s Kiss Of Death (hitherto my favorite ‘modern’ Motörhead album) and 2008’s Motörizer, both of which demonstrated that there is no one quite like Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey when it comes to producing their unique brand of no-fucking-about Rock’n’Roll.

The cornerstone of the sound is always Lemmy’s voice and here it is as good as in any of his recent output, and in a couple of places up there with anything he has ever done. But there is more than that, there is something about this album that makes it sound slightly different. Maybe it’s Cameron Webb’s near-perfect production or maybe it’s the fact that there seems to be ‘more’ of Phil’s lead guitar (and he gets show off exactly what he is capable of), but although Lemmy still sounds like Lemmy, this is unmistakably Motörhead.

Lyrically Lemmy never strays far from his usual themes, but then again would you expect him to? I mean really??

Given the consistently high quality of their recent output The Wörld Is Yours was never going to suck but I don’t think I entirely expected it to be quite this good. For a band to have been around for as long as this it’s amazing how they never fail to deliver, and retain the ability to surprise. I mean it’s not as if the basic formula has ever changed and yet each album manages to be suitably different to all the others to keep things interesting.

Having said that there is, for me, a totally stand out moment on this album, something that hits you like a sledgehammer, a track that surely has to be up there with anything the band have EVER done.

Motörhead have done super-heavy before, if you remember the impact of  Orgasmatron then you’ll know what I mean.  They have also occasionally wandered into a slower, more melodic, vibe (Think 1916 or, more recently, the amazing God Was Never On Your Side). Well somehow the band have managed to combine elements of both of those atypical musical forays to come up with something truly stunning, the amazing Brotherhood Of Man. If there is such a thing as a perfect Motörhead song this has as much claim to that title as anything that has gone before, and that’s not an accolade that I give lightly.

There are always debates about bands new stuff Vs their historic output with any number of old buggers keen to tell you how much better such-and-such were “back in the day”. Well it is a pleasure to report that, like brown bread with bits in it, Motörhead are as good today as they’ve ever been.

This album follows on from the recent release of Slash’s meh-fest solo album in that it was initially released as a super-duper-collectors-pack-special-edition-magazine cover mount. This can either be viewed as an innovative approach to the problems of illegal music downloads or an attempt to squeeze the loyal fanbase. £14-ish for the album, a badge, poster and special Motörhead magazine, or wait a couple of weeks and get the album for £8. Your choice….