Anger Management – Beyond The Threshold Of Pain Review

They Say :-

Anger Management originally formed in February 2008 by veteran drummer Jamie “Jammer” Airns, formally of Medulla Nocte and Murder One. The current line-up includes original members Matt Cox (vocals) and Shaun Jeffries (bass) both formally of Next To Nothing and the two newest members to the fold, Jon Minett, formally of Underule and recently recruited shredder Will Lavis, to bring you there unashamedly straight up brand of VERY heavy metal.

Anger have already played with the likes of Textures, Romeo Must Die, 3 Inches of Blood, Warbringer, Ted Maul, Pure Negative, Middenhelm, The Atrocity Exhibit and appeared at Bloodstock 2008 to name a few.

We say :- Given the musical pedigree that goes to make up Anger Management, which includes Murder One, Underrule and Medulla Nocte you would never expect this, their debut EP, to be easy listening. There is no laid back sweeping soundscape here, no subtlety, no whimsy. Instead this is an unrelenting, massively heavy attack on the senses. You know for those occasions when Pantera just isn’t heavy enough.

Traditionally at this point I should engage the cliche engine and compare the impact of Anger Management’s music to a truck, or maybe a freight train…

Nope, not heavy enough.,,

OK, try this…

The biggest First World War battleships had, as their main armament, 15″ guns that could fire a shell weighing the best part of a ton over 13 miles.

Well imagine being hit by one of those…

From the opening salvo (ok, we’ll leave the gunnery metaphors there) of Lifelong Suicide this is a neck wrecking, pounding assault of an E.P. where the pace varies but the heaviness never lets up. The second track, Show Your Anger slows things down a little before it picks up for Eyes Of The Lifeless and Fear And Self Loathing. The EP closes at breakneck speed with my favorite track, Ignorance Is Bliss.

This is a genre where it is often difficult to pick out any distinguishing features to separate the myriad of very similar sounding bands, however Anger Management are unusual amongst their peers in that they don’t just rely on playing everything at 100mph all the time. It is perhaps this musical intelligence that actually enhances the overall impression of heaviness that you are left with after listening to Beyond The Threshold Of Pain.

Clocking in at just over 18 minutes in length this is a release that leaves you feeling pummeled, but still wanting more and Anger Management are clearly a band that should have a great future. It will be interesting to see how their vision will translate into a full length album.

Just don’t expect any ballads 🙂