Rotten Sound : Cursed

They Say :- The Finnish up-tempo-junkies, Rotten Sound, has been delivering their top notch grind with crust and death influences since the forming of the band on one crazy night in July of 1993. Their upcoming album, Cursed, is going to drop a few new jaws among the ones, that have been gasping for air after every earlier release. “We wanted to stay in the grind-core genre, but the album contains also dark and heavy moments right before your ears are getting maimed again by insane drumming, crushing guitars, distorted bass and senseless screaming” says the the vocalist Keijo Niinimaa, who has been in the band since the very beginning and has seen the evolution from crust to grind and beyond.

Lyrically Cursed takes the listeners behind the scenes of the global tragedy we experience on daily basis.

We Say :- Rotten Sound have, over the course of 18 years and 6 studio albums, continually developed and evolved their Grindcore sound. They are not afraid to draw in new elements while staying true to their heritage.

Cursed is a concept album which explores the idea that there is some inherent reason in human nature for the mess we are increasingly finding ourselves in. As vocalist Keijo Niinimaa puts it “After the apocalyptic Cycles I started to think about the reasons behind all the problems we cause to ourselves and this planet. I found myself studying the human nature and I came up with the six curses of humanity that degrade all of us generation after generation, culture after culture and disaster after disaster.”

These six curses, Egotism, Vanity, Coercion, Vengeance, Exploitation and Fear are explored over the course of the album as Niinimaa vents his fury at the state of affairs. Rotten Sound are not for the faint hearted. They make a brutal noise dripping with venom and anger and they never let up. The machine-gun drumming and crunching guitars providing a perfect background for Niinimaa’s angry lead vocals.

The problem with a lot of this type of extreme metal is that there is not enough room for variation between the tracks, but that is not a criticism that can be made of Cursed. There are some neat surprises for the listener here as Rotten Sound demonstrate that they are not afraid to take an unexpected turn. After the first three tracks of flat out crusty fury the band abruptly come over all doom-ey for Choose (the first track of the Vanity section). OK, so it’s still pretty uncompromising but it’s played at less than top speed. These changes in feel provide some demarcation between the maximum fury bits and stop the album being a 28 minute demonstration in how fast a drummer can hit his kit.

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do. The music is basically traditional Grindcore but with a fair bit of death metal thrown into the mix which gives the album a decent amount of variation. In addition the overall concept is interesting, the song writing is intelligent and the production, although a bit on the rough side for my tastes, suits the music perfectly.