Folge Dem Wind : Inhale The Sacred Poison

They Say :- After 2 years of introspection and scenic experiments, FDW self-released its first full-length album titled “Thus echoes the Earth”… this album is the expression of a more personal and mature view of the Worlds around; It symbolizes the first step of FDW ascension to the climax they wants to achieve: artistic transcendence. To reach this goal FDW decided to use every tool at hand, This is what they call Total Art: No rules, no limits… Their concerts became rituals, strongly theatrical and emotional, with the first video “Call of the Wild” to visually synthesize the beginning of this new era.
After some personal spiritual experiences, sight became Vision and the simple relationship between members became a perfect unity. Then in 2009 the cult record label code666 offered a deal for the release of the second album named “Inhale the Sacred Poison”. After more than 1 year of hard work, it is finally ready to be unleashed upon this Earth.

The Dictionary Says :- Animist : The belief in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects and phenomena.

We Say :- Inhale The Sacred Poison is the second full length release from French “Animist Black Metal” band Folge Dem Wind. Now as we have noticed recently with the likes of Fen and Saille, Black Metal bands don’t just get together to make music, oh no, there has to be some deeper purpose included somewhere, so this isn’t just an album, it’s “a musical and poetical travel of a Soul through the ineffable, frightening and obscure visions of Worlds hidden to our human eyes“, in fact it’s “a true sonic mystical experience”.

OK, Whatever….

Ignoring all the PR-speak, this is, for the most part, fairly standard Black Metal fare. The 9 minute long Inhale The Sacred Poison which opens the album manages to tick all the relevant boxes for the genre with some nice touches. The quiet bit with the whispered vocals about 2 minutes in is a nice addition, something a bit different. The rest of the track then travels a very well worn route.

Behind The Grey Veil is just plain weird, Starts off acoustic, then goes all BM, then goes all quiet with a military drum beat and orchestral-esque arrangement and (shockingly) proper singing. It’s not bad at all but it seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the album, to the point where I had to check thatĀ  my iTunes hadn’t decided to shuffle off onto something completely different.

When it all comes together for Folge Dem Wind (for example during Through the Eye of the Immortal) things do improve markedly, and the latter half of the album holds together better than the first. It’s just that in these days when the quality of production on extreme metal albums of all genres is improving I’m not sure that there is any need for something as raw as this. I’m not entirely convinced by the vocal performance either, but that could just be down to personal preferences.

So, on the whole it’s a mixed bag. When the band stick to the more traditional Black Metal style there is no denying that musically they are very good at what they do but some of the experimental, avant garde passages just don’t seem to work as well. That’s not to say it’s not entirely a bad effort, but it just smacks of having too many ideas and trying to squeeze them all in where a shorter, more focused release may have served better.

Not quite “a truly sonic mystical experience” then šŸ™‚