Immanifest : Qliphotic

They say :- Taking their name from the absolute, pure, & formless ground of being from which creation and manifestation arise, IMMANIFEST emanated out of Tampa, Florida in 2008. Influenced by their home town’s rich history of metal, IMMANIFEST formed to fuse together their own vision of 21st century extreme music. Combining huge sounding orchestral/synth arrangements, complex yet melodic guitars together with devastatingly fast paced and precise drumming – IMMANIFEST present a fresh and unique style of Symphonic Black/Death Metal. The well seasoned musicians of IMMANIFEST plan to lead the way for a Floridian Symphonic Black Metal revolution, revealing themselves as an up and coming force to be reckoned with to even their great Scandinavian predecessors.

Transmigrating the soul of Blackened Death Metal and Orchestral/Soundtrack quality music, “Qliphotic” presents itself as the first and very promising emanation from the black womb of creation that is…IMMANIFEST.

We Say :- Well, here we are trying to find something new to say about Black Metal again. Been listening to a lot of this sort of thing recently and, to be honest, it all sort of blurs into one long growl…

But having said that….

This is really, I mean REALLY, good,. OK, maybe not worth two “really’s” but still, surprisingly good. You get that, it’s good. Additionally it has to be about the best produced Black Metal release I have heard for a while. An extra bonus is that the band stay well clear of that pitfall of many of their peers, trying to be too damn clever or arty. No pan pipes here, or flugelhorns whatever the fuck they are.

The three tracks on this E.P. are textbook symphonic Black Metal, pure and simple. The guitar tone is excellent and the singists are surprisingly good. After listening to the iffy efforts of Folge Dem Wind where the vocals often descended into an incoherent noise, the performance on here is a breath of fresh air, there’s a big difference between growling out proper lyrics and just making retching noises you know…..

So while this may not be breaking any new ground in the genre, it is certainly an excellent example of how this sort of music could, nay should, sound.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming release of the band’s debut album, if they stick to what they know it should be a belter.