Rival Sons : Rival Sons E.P.

They Say :- Formed in June 2008, the RIVAL SONS embarked on the Los Angeles music scene in a speedy and addictive frenzy. This heavyweight quartet of rockers melds an eclectic array of American music to synthesize into their own style of rock n roll, which comes across powerfully in their live show. Vocalist Jay Buchanan packs a mean punch of the blues, gospel, and soul. Guitarist Scott Holiday saws off memorable, toothy riffs, plays a saucy slide, and isn’t afraid to spray psychedelic aerials of tenor. Bassist Robin Everhart is Motown meets jazz mecca 52nd Street bringing the deep pocket back to rock. And drummer Michael Miley grounds and pounds deep grooves with flourishes of reckless abandon. Even beyond their musicianship, the RIVAL SONS are remarkable songwriters. Inspired by some of the greatest music spanning a century of genre and sound, RIVAL SONS get their point across in an economical and efficient way.

We Say :- Big things are expected of US rockers Rival Sons, they have been tipped by Classic Rock magazine as “ones to watch in 2011″ and are lined up for the HMV’s Next Big Thing music festival tour, which sees a selection of the best up-and-coming bands performing at eight venues across the UK. As a promo for this tour, and a taster for the launch of their full length album on Earache Records in May 2011, the band have released this self titled 6 track EP as a digital download.

Rival Sons play ‘classic rock’, heavily influenced by British bands of the 60s and 70s. I suppose Led Zeppelin comparisons are inevitable, and it’s an influence the band do nothing to hide.

The E.P. opens with Get What’s Coming which is a straightforward rock song with a cracking retro feel, an impression carried forward by the next two tracks Torture and Radio. Oh, and check out the excellent guitar solo in Radio, very impressive.

After the fast, rocky first three tracks Sacred Tongue is a more mellow, bluesey, soulful ballad with some really nice interplay between the vocals and the guitar. Sleepwalker has a more stoner-ey, fuzzy vibe before the E.P. closes with Soul which is as fine an example of angsty, downbeat blues as you’ll see this side of the 1980s.

On the strength of this release it looks like Rival Sons have a bright future ahead of them. OK, they may be wide open to accusations of being Led clones, but when it’s this well done who really cares ?