Fukpig : Batcave Full Of Bastards E.P.

Well here’s an unexpected bonus, those lovely chaps in Fukpig have very kindly released a two track digital E.P. which you can, nay should, download from the bands Bigcartel shop in exchange for a whole pound.

The tracks on here were to be the Brummie Necropunk’s contribution to a split single that never was, and as the band said “this wouldn’t go with the next album and it was finished anyway so we wanted it out there for people to hear”.

Musically these songs aren’t a million miles away from Belief Is The Death Of Intelligence. In  the first track “One Of A Thousand Ways To Steal Your Liberty” the band never dip far below flat out fury and front man Drunk does seem to be particularly angry about something.

The second track “Batcave Full Of Bastards” sees the trademark Black Metal influences coming more to the fore as the band try something a little different. Whereas “One Of A Thousand Ways To Steal Your Liberty” would have fitted in well on Belief this one has a slightly different feel. It’s less frantic and, with the exception of the vocals, a touch cleaner and less grind-ey while still remaining distinctively Fukpig.

This release shows that Fukpig have lost none of their passion, fury or indeed venom. It also shows that the evolution in the bands sound between the first and second albums is continuing as they move towards their third. On the basis of this interim release the new album should be something pretty damn good.

If that made sense, or even if none of that made sense, go download the E.P. and give it a listen for yourselves.