Raunchy : A Discord Electric

They Say :- There is no room for a further development of the so- called Danish Dynamite? This is a barefaced lie! “The Yeah Thing” – as the 10th song of “A Discord Electric” is entitled – is not new to RAUNCHY. The Danish sextet is heading for trend-setting, courageous music in between metal and pop for years now and became known for being only true to their unrestrained creativity and their self-confident songwriting. “A Discord Electric” – RAUNCHYs 5th album all over – follows the path of their other two LIFEFORCE RECORDS-releases, “Death Pop Romance” und “Wasteland Discotheque”, and transcend into some fresh, unexpected and unique Future-Metal- Pop-Something you can only say WOW to! You only have one chance and the opener tells it right: “Dim The Lights And Run”. Ah too bad, it is too late now… The Danish innovators are heading for their “Nght Prty” and to “Shake Your Grave”, while they are wearing the “Tiger Crown”. RAUNCHY and “A Discord Electric” lead to only one valid interpretation: The “Rumors Of Worship” are true and this is nothing but the “Big Truth”! You have been warned!!

We Say :- Some bands are difficult to pigeonhole, but Danish “Future-Metal-Pop-Something” merchants Raunchy are nigh on impossible. This is obviously a band who don’t feel the need to stick to one style for a whole album or, for that matter, a whole song.

The album opens with Dim The Lights And Run, which is a pleasant enough example of that American flavored pop-punk that is so popular with the warped tour generation, clean guitar tones, clean vocals, catchy keyboards, you get the idea. Nothing edgy just pleasant melodies performed, well, pleasantly.

Doesn’t stay like the for long though..

Rumors Of Worship starts off in a similar vein, maybe a slightly heavier vibe but recognisably the same band… before they decide that they need some metalcore-ey clean / dirty vocal combinations. It’s certainly not at all what you’d expect after listening to the first track.

And the album continues very much along that road. In places it’s almost like 80’s cheesey keyboard pop alongside melodic death metal, in others it’s seriously heavy angry-man metal and in yet others it’s reverb heavy and progressive.

That said sometimes they do take things a touch too far. Big Truth would not have been out of place in 1980s Eurovision. Cheesey doesn’t even begin to cover this. Seriously no, just no.

And when all is said and done that’s the thing about this album. When reviewers use the phrase “you’ll either love it or hate it” it usually refers to the whole release, but in A Discord Electric you could easily break things down and apply that to each track. Some are excellent with huge hooks and sing along choruses (Ire Vampire), some are slightly formulaic but still catchy enough filler and some are, without being unkind, godawful Eurobeat trash (Big Truth).

So, it’s an odd one this, I pretty much guarantee whatever genre of metal you profess a preference for there will be tracks on here that you will like, and it’s certainly upbeat and boppy, it’s just with this much variety and variation it’s difficult to like the whole thing.