@Twitrfest 1 stage times announced

As no one would believe me that the whole @Twitrfest thing was just a drunken joke, I’ve had to go and organise the bloody thing. Well with less than 2 weeks to go here are the stage times. 6 top bands, a club night afterwards and all in aid of o good cause..

As Dom Lawson from Oaf says, get there early to ensure disappointment.

Remember, you can still get tickets from Ticketweb

Band Start Finish Set Length
Oaf 17:00:00 17:40:00 00:40:00
Trucker Diablo 17:50:00 18:30:00 00:40:00
Sassy Kraimspri 18:40:00 19:20:00 00:40:00
Dakesis 19:30:00 20:10:00 00:40:00
Triaxis 20:20:00 21:00:00 00:40:00
Furyon 21:10:00 21:50:00 00:40:00