Vantage Point : Driller Killer E.P.

We Say :- Vantage Point are a Scottish “Classic Heavy Metal” band who have been building a reputation for themselves on their local scene. They have a sound that will be familiar to fans of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest esque metal, (unsurprisingly, the musicians “other” bands include Junior Preist and Maiden Scotland) although the band also include some neat power metal touches and a genuinely impressive vocal performance.

I had high hopes for this E.P. having heard good things from friends in Edinburgh, and thankfully they weren’t wrong and you immediately get hooked in by Stunned which is proper sing-along heavy metal, and it’s an opening track that makes you keen to hear the rest of the album..

The second track, Stressed Out, suffers from a slightly confusing variations in pace, almost as if the band are trying to squeeze too many ideas into too short a time.

Things step up a notch for Shetlamb, Driller Killer, which is my favorite track on the E.P. Once more it demonstrates that these guys do “catchy”extremely well, in a pre-Keeper era Helloween type way.

24 Hour Breakdown shows the band demonstrating the range of their skills, particularly the vocal delivery which has two distinct styles. It’s a bit odd in the verse where it sounds like an attempt to produce a sort of Darkness / Whitesnake feel but doesn’t quite make it, whereas the chorus is another anthemic stadium rocker in waiting.

This E.P. finishes off with Motor Man which has a proper top down, foot down feel which I love. It wouldn’t be out of place on a compilation from the hey-day of driving music with it’s driving (sorry) riff and fist in the air vibe and  sing along lyrics. The retro feel is interrupted somewhat by a slightly out of place guitar solo which, while being suitably show-off widdly, doesn’t entirely fit.

This is a release which shows exactly what Vantage Point are capable of. The band certainly have a knack for writing a catchy chorus and there are many much bigger bands that get by on much less. OK, so in a couple of places here are some fairly gratuitous changes of feel to accommodate a shredding solo or some vocal exercise but these are minor issues on a release as strong as this.

If you like you Metal well written, heavy and catchy then Vantage Point are a band worth checking out.