Where’s Billy : The Truth Hurts

They Say :- Here to tear you a new one, Where’s Billy? are dedicated, driven and determined – just a few words which could be used to describe the rapidly emerging Kent rock four piece. Having played most of the London and South East circuit including major venues and near sell out shows at London Astoria2, The Islington Academy and indigO2 at The O2, Where’s Billy? have built up a dedicated and growing fan base. Their debut EP ‘The Truth Hurts’, produced by Chris Coulter at Stakeout Studios, is increasingly gaining industry attention and thats without official release. Where’s Billy? have been interviewed twice on TotalRock Radio which resulted in their online networking sites reaching record views.

Where’s Billy’s sound has been heavily influenced by bands as diverse as Reuben and Bullet for my Valentine , and they have recently been compared to Biffy Clyro and Iron Maiden .

We Say :- The Truth Hurts is the debut release from UK band Where’s Billy. This energetic 4-piece play what is probably best described as pop-punk, although that label may be doing them a slight disservice as they have a harder edge to their sound than many of their contemporaries (when they set their minds to it).

The 5 tracks on this E.P. have a variety of different styles, ranging from the predictable Slam-Dunk festival styled pop-punk of the opener Anxiety and The Truth Hurts, through the much more “traditional” punk feel of Escape From The Darkest Mind and on to the heavier, thumping metal beat of Thoughts And Fears with it’s huge sing-along chorus before lightening up again for the closing track This Time.

This is an E.P. which shows that Where’s Billy are a band with a great deal of potential, there are some proper bouncy sing-along moments here which give you a strong indication that their reputation as a live act is well founded. OK, so it’s nothing particularly earth shattering but it is a very well worked example of an admittedly done-to-death genre and it helps that there is certainly enough variety here to broaden the band’s appeal beyond floppy fringed teenagers.

Regarding the comments from the bands PR sheet that “they have recently been compared to Biffy Clyro and Iron Maiden” I can only say that whoever made that comparison needs their ears syringed. If they’d said “You Me At Six and Silverstein” then that would have been much closer to the mark.