Pistol Shot Gypsy : Smokin’ Drinkin’ Fightin’

They Say :- The Rock N’ Roll you deserve! The music, fans, and live performances are all that matters. Pistol Shot Gypsy brings back the old school rock of the 70’s, the party of the 80’s, the emotion of the 90’s, and then they sharpen the blade just a bit with a hint of metal. PSG delivers the energy and excitement that the music scene has been missing and that you’ve been craving!

We Say :- There are a load of new bands on the go at the moment who try to recapture the hazy, alcohol fuelled sleazy sounds of the 80s, when bands like Smashed Gladys, Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns brought something new and fresh to the Rock’n’Roll party.

Most of these wannabes fall short of the mark, but occasionally someone comes along who captures the sound, and maybe even a little of the spirit, of the genre’s heyday.

Rhode Island, USA 5-piece Pistol Shot Gypsy pretty much hit the nail on the head with their debut release Smokin’ Drinkin’ Fightin’. It’s modern Rock’n’Roll but with it’s cap firmly doffed to the past while adding in some of their own elements and influences to freshen things up a bit, there’s even a whiff of Sabbath about Just My Luck. Hey, they’ve won The Providence Phoenix “Best Loud Act” for two years in a row ­čśë

The reason that so many of the 80s Rock’n’Roll pioneers are still on the go is that they managed to write tunes that people remembered, tunes that became part of the soundtrack to the decade. You know when you hear a song once and it just gets stuck in your head ? Well that happened for me with Slave Yourself. Honestly if it was any more infectious you’d need penicillin and the same goes for the future-classic-in-waiting Baby, Come Back.

Pistol Shot Gypsy keep things simple and it works extremely well for them as they venture into a number of different styles over the course of the album. After smashing you in the face with the thumping opener Trainwreck, via some slower, sabbath-ey riffs through to the straight up classic rock feel of Sand Of Time the band don’t feel compelled to constrain themselves too tightly to any one sound. For me they leave the best until last with the simply brilliant Troy City Blues, which finds the band at their very best.

Oh, and check out the guitar solo.

Pistol Shot Gypsy are a band that are well worth checking out if you like proper heavy Rock’n’Roll, and based on this I bet they’re an intense live experience. Hopefully I’ll find out one day…