Falling Red : Hasta La Victoria Siempre E.P.

Falling RedThey Say :- Rarely, if ever, will you find a band that loves a stage more than Falling Red do. Their balls-out rock, unique sense of fun & high octane live performances bear witness to exactly that as Rozey, Shane, Dave & Matty kick, sneer & snarl their way through a raucous set of modern day glam/sleaze anthems. It’s this charisma-infused approach that helped secure the band a deal with Rocksector Records for the release of their debut album “Shake The Faith” in March 2010; a release hailed by some as the most vital since GnR’s “Appetite…”

Right, first off a quick history lesson… “Hasta la victoria siempre” was the sign off used by Ché Guevara in the last letter he wrote to Fidel Castro.

So there you go.

We Say :- Falling Red are not a band to go for subtlety, not in their image and especially not in the pure sleaze/glam Rock’n’Roll music they purvey. It’s an approach that has served them well, and one which they show no signs of changing. To keep the FR machine moving forwards the band have recorded a new 4-track EP, so how is it ?

Well luckily there seems to have been no compromise in the attitude, a fact clearly demonstrated by the first track on this E.P, Come On Down. It’s a proper glam metal Kiss meets L7 meets LA Guns sleaze anthem with a killer bourbon soaked sing along chorus and a vibe that perfectly captures the sweaty feel of a late 80s rock club. It’s a while since I have heard anything quite this infectious and it shows that the band are set on building on the promise shown by their debut.

OK, but would you be surprised to hear that the second track, My Little Vice, shows hitherto unknown depths and subtle nuance to Falling Red’s music…

Well it doesn’t.

But would you really expect it to ?

The Last Kiss Goodbye slows things down as the band follow the well worn path into typical Every Rose Has It’s Thorn-esque rock ballad territory. It’s an idea that has been done to death, you know the sort of thing… lighters in the air… soaring emotions and lyrics about boy-doesn’t-want-to-lose-girl. It’s a fairly obvious attempt to show the band’s deep and serious side but having said that it’s very nicely done and it does stand up surprisingly well against the efforts of Falling Red’s 80s forebears.

Right, that slowed things down.. So how about the big finish…

The E.P. closes with the infectiously dumb stadium rocker Ain’t Down With The Rock. This isn’t high art by any stretch of the imagination, instead it’s 4 minutes of attitude and sleaze delivered in a cloud of hairspray. Oh, come on, what would you expect with lyrics along the lines of “If you ain’t down with the rock, you can fuck right off”….?

As an introduction to the sleazy alcohol fueled world of Falling Red this E.P. is nigh on perfect. Ok so there is nothing new about what they are doing, but it is undeniable that there is no one on the UK scene today who does it better.