The Treatment Live At Hammerfest

When I went to the recent Powerage Records showcase tour in Sheffield it’s fair to say that I wasn’t massively impressed by UK rockers The Treatment. That’s not to say they were bad at all, it was just that on the night they seemed to be missing a spark…

You know, that little extra that lifts a band above the ordinary.

And, if I’m honest, I wasn’t planning on catching their set at Hammerfest..

But I’m bloody glad I did, because they were really very good. The spark that was missing in the recent Sheffield show was there in buckets and the band seemed faster, tighter, heavier and were obviously having a great time in front of the substantial crowd they attracted. For me the highpoint of their set was Shake The Mountain (check out our video of the performance below) but really they didn’t put a foot wrong through their all-too-short set.

I spoke to Vocalist Matt later that evening with the blunt honesty of the truly drunk and asked him what was the difference between today’s performance and the indifferent (i may have used a different word) Sheffield gig. He explained that as this was their last live date for a while so the band had pulled out the stops and decided to really “go for it”.

I don’t think I’ve ever revised my opinion of a band so drastically between one gig and the next, but I’m happy to say I was wrong about these guys and at Hammerfest The Treatment were outstanding.