Furyon Live At Hammerfest

It’s not much of a secret that here at CackBlabbath we love Furyon. Since releasing their debut album Gravitas they have gone from strength to strength with a string of stunning appearances including headline slots at Bloodstock and Twitrfest. We were delighted when the band were added to the lineup for Hammerfest and took the opportunity for a catch up (in the ball pool) to get the latest word from the world of Furyon.

The guys are clearly excited about the coming 12 months, and 2011 looks like being a great year for the band with a new single out soon, a second single out in the summer and a slot at the High Voltage festival already announced. There are also rumours of a UK tour coming up with someone a bit special, but shhh….

Now THAT’s a real exclusive ­čÖé

You can check out the full interview here.

After the band spoke to Kat they headed off to prepare for their Hammerfest performance. The scheduling of the set times meant that Furyon’s slot on the second stage was not up against any one else on the other two stages. This must have come as a relief to the band who were pitched one-on-one against a rare live appearance by the mighty Bloodbath when they headlined the unsigned stage at Bloodstock Open Air last year.

Furyon opened with their upcoming single Disappear Again which is arguably one of the best rock songs to come out of the UK in recent years. It really has everything, including one of the biggest choruses EVER and some stunning guitar playing.

No, scratch that, all of Furyon’s guitar playing is stunning. Regular guitarist Chris Green is off doing rock star stuff in the states but in Solsikk’s Chris Webb they have found an absolutely perfect stand-in. It’s difficult to imagine anyone stepping into a band like Furyon with such a distinct two-guitar sound but this guy does it, trading riffs and solos with Pat “The Shred” Heath like he’d been there all along.

I’d love to see these two go head to head in one of the shred duels the band often include in their headline shows.

The soaring emotion of Souvenirs came next and it struck me how much the band have come on as a live experience since I first saw them, and also how many people around me were singing along with every word of every song. Don’t Follow and Stand Like Stone kept the energy at boiling point before, after a discussion about if they had time for one more song or two, the band cracked on with Wasted On You before finishing off with Voodoo Me.

To be fair I expected Furyon to be one of the best bands of the weekend, because they’re one of the best bands full stop, but this was at a whole other level. I’ve seen them slay in front of their own crowd on home turf but this was a massive away win. You get a real feeling that this will be a make or break year for them, and hopefully the two single releases in the pipeline combined with their upcoming festival appearances and the UK tour they can’t talk about will launch them to the next level.

Hopefully when that happens they’ll still talk to the likes of us ­čÖé