Spires : Spiral Of Ascension

They Say :- …their live shows are a testament to their dedication and passion for their music. Musically, comparisons are often made to Opeth, Emperor, Mastodon and Cynic; however this barely touches on the kaleidoscope of influences, both metal and otherwise, that combine to deliver a truly original, mesmerising and often transcendental sound. Spires combine technicality and intricate musicianship with a flare for songwriting that never loses touch of what music should be about, and helps the songs flow seamlessly as they progress.

We Say :- Spires are a progressive metal band from Manchester.  They comprise of vocalist, guitarist and producer Paul Sadler, Paul Cuthbert on guitar, Alex Jolley on bass, and Chris Barnard on drums. Spiral Of Ascension is their debut full length album as the band look to build on an impressive live reputation.

Ok, so this isn’t my usual style of music, but so far I’m liking what I hear.  The first track on the album is ‘Equilibrium’, in which the style of guitars instantly remind me of Mastodon’s Oblivion.

Which is no bad thing 🙂

‘The Infinite Descent’ has a pretty similar feel too before there is a slight change of mood for the atmospheric, and very nice, acoustic instrumental ‘Nightfall’.

Some amazing mellow, technical guitars will pull  you into the next track, ‘Broken Hourglass’. These are heavy in places, softer in others and they lead you perfectly into haunting vocals.  This for me is the stand out track on the album, It’s surprisingly easy to listen to even with the death metal type vocals and is very much in the style of Opeth.

‘Symmetry’ reels you in with gentle vocals and slow tuneful guitars which seem to sweep you away in a sea of calm.  Once you have been lulled into a false state of relaxation ‘Martyr’ will come along and wake you up with it’s heavier sounding drums, guitars and vocals.

The album draws towards its close with ‘Spiral of Ascension’ (which continues in the same “melodic and haunting” vein) before finishing off with another instrumental, ‘A New Prayer’ which is heavier than ‘Nightfall’ but is still as captivating.

I have to say this band have totally won me over.  I feel like I’ve been drawn in and I can’t seem to stop listening!  Lovely melodies, fantastic guitar playing and awesome vocals all mix brilliantly make this band what they are, and they clearly have talent in abundance.

If you like listening to bands like Mastodon and Opeth then you should really check these guys out!