Illdisposed : There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

Illdisposed CoverThey Say :- Denmark’s finest extreme metal export is back with a brand new ear-crushing album entitled “There is light (but it’s not for me)”. Furthermore this album will mark the band’s 20th anniversary – Illdisposed are among the oldest Danish metal bands and still going strong. Eleven devastating songs that will lead the old school term all the way to a present day sound. Everything is bigger, louder and stronger on this eleventh album, showing that the past 20 years definitely haven’t been a waste of time. Produced and mixed by one of Denmark’s most experienced sound jugglers Tue Madsen, nothing is left to chance here. This is without any doubt the most thoroughly prepared album since 2004’s “1-800 Vindication”.

With one of their strongest releases Illdisposed are ready to hit the road and show how to play metal in 2011.

We Say :- There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me) is the 11th studio album from Danish band Illdisposed, a particular milestone for them as it also marks the band’s 20th Anniversary. The band’s style can probably best be described as a blend of Thrash and Doom Metal, It’s an aggressive, yet melodic, mix which gives everything a dark, in places almost gothic, feel that works extremely well.

This really is one firmly from the “listenable” end of the extreme metal spectrum. Bo Summer’s Subwoofer vocals are surprisingly good and the way the album has been mixed means that they don’t dominate proceedings as much as grunted lyrics often can.

As well as the Doom and Thrash the band also incorporate elements of, dare I say it, Industrial metal too on occasion. I found this particularly noticeable in the splendid As The Day Rottens and it was an addition that certainly made the track stand out that little bit more.

Keeps things interesting….

There are a couple of real stand out tracks on this album in addition to the aforementioned As The Day Rottens and it strikes me that these are where the band seem to stretch themselves and bring other influences to bear. I particularly liked the chugging, despair charged emotion of Rape, which elicits an atmosphere that is unusual in this type of music with it’s spoken intro. Special mention also has to go to the digipack bonus track Alone, with it’s layered keyboards and furious pace.

This is an album which will have a genuine appeal across a wide spectrum of music fans, it’s certainly one of the best melodic death metal efforts I’ve heard this year and the drawing in of other influences also makes it one of the most engaging.

If you like a bit of atmosphere and variety with your death metal, or indeed a bit of death metal with your thrash then I really recommend you go check out the joys that lie within There Is Light…