Wormrot : Dirge (Free Download !!)

Wormrot - DirgeWe Say :- Formed in 2007, Singaporean “blast-crust-grindcore” noisemongers Wormrot are one of the leading lights in the  Old School Grind scene. Their debut album ‘Abuse’ was reissued after the band signed to Earache records in 2010 (apparently after the label’s boss found out about them via the internet).

I last saw them at the Leeds Deathfest a couple of years ago and their performance there made many of the ‘extreme’ bands there seem positively melodic by comparison.

So it’s fair to say the new album was something I was really looking forward to….

Dirge consists of 25 tracks of almost unparalleled ferocity running to just over 18 minutes, this is really heavy, crusty stuff supplied in a series of auditory short, sharp shocks. Not many tracks run far over the minute mark, apart from the epic, sweeping (not really) 1:49 album closer The Final Insult.

While many of the other pioneers of the genre have moved away slightly from the unadulterated noisy filth approach Wormrot stay slavishly true to their roots, there isn’t any doffing of the cap to trends or commercialism happening here, hell no.

It’s certainly not easy listening, and track titles like No One Gives A Shit, Stench Of Ignorance and You Suffer But Why Is That My Problem give you an idea of what to expect. Which is just as well as you can’t make out a bloody word he’s shouting about 😉

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Following on form their free give-away of the last Gama Bomb studio album Earache Records once again try to turn music industry convention on its head, and beat the pirates at their own game, by making Dirge available as a free download. So head off to http://www.earache.com/misc/downloads/wormrot/, download the album and form your own opinions…

What you waiting for ?????