Red Fang : Murder In The Mountains

They say :- RED FANG deals in kick-ass heavy rock. On their Chris Funk (DECEMBERISTS) produced, Vance Powell (KINGS OF LEON, WHITE STRIPES, RACONTEURS) mixed Relapse debut Murder the Mountains, the quartet wave a middle finger at fashion and bet the proverbial house on substance over style. The incredible “Wires”, “Number Thirteen”, “Hank Is Dead”, and “The Undertow” are just a few of an onslaught of highlights on this front-to-back set of great f%$king songs.

We Say :- Red Fang have been around for a while but Murder In The Mountains is the first time our paths have crossed, and I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised by this first encounter. It’s always nice to be taken aback by something that sounds distinctive and, above all, interesting and this is a release that certainly ticks those boxes.

Red Fang play what, I guess, you would call Sabbath inspired classic rock for the most part. That’s not to say that it’s all laid back and trippy, oh no. Wired thumps along with some neat distorted guitar and a proper old fashioned headbanging beat while Tracks like Dirt Wizard are souped up stoner heavy metal. Hell you even get the band channeling the whole BLS southern rock thing with a vengeance in Throw Up.

For me the highlight of the album is the awesome The Undertow, this is a slow, heavy, doom laden beast of a track which has all sorts of weird spaced-out effects going on in the background.

For all of it’s old-school heavy this is a really accessible (god, I hate that cliche, but it fits) album. Vance Powell knows a think or two about mixing chart bothering rock and when combined with Chris Funk’s production the result is an album that smacks of quality.