Turisas : Stand Up And Fight

They Say :- As technology and intensified communication bring us all closer together, making the world seem smaller in the process, our need as human beings to look out towards ever-broadening horizons becomes ever more integral to our evolution. As a result, music fans will always look to the mavericks, the outlaws, the eccentrics and those touched by the hand of sublime genius for sounds and sensations that transcend the everyday and the mundane. This, of course, is precisely where the inspirational cinematic battle metal brilliance of Finlandā€™s TURISAS comes in. Carving their own unique and momentous furrow through the European metal ecosphere, these proud storytellers and masters of the bombastic epic are poised to return with their most monumental sonic saga to date.

We Say :- Can we just get one thing out of the way first ??

Turisas are mental.

I don’t mean mental as in “a little bit odd”, I mean 100% Battle Metal, body painted, sword wielding Finnish nutters. Did I mention the body paint ??

Now It’s a well known fact that quite a large proportion of heavy metal fans want to be vikings, which explains the beards I suppose. Well Turisas are epic Viking Metal (mostly) and throw just about every element of Vikingness into their music. We’re talking hunting horns, songs about sailing the seas and fighting. Lots of fighting.

No Norsemen cliches there then šŸ™‚

The thing is, it’s not entirely sure just exactly how serious Turisas are. Do they, like the fat bloke with the beard and the drinking horn you see at every heavy metal festival, believe they actually ARE Vikings or are their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

Or does it matter ??

This is proper battle metal, if Apocalypse Now was filmed in Scotland instead of Vietnam, with Longships instead of Helicopters, then this would be the soundtrack as they hove into view, rather than The Ride Of The Valkyries.

Anyway, back to the music. Turisas play heavy metal but on a much grander scale than you may expect. As they themselves say “Stand Up And Fight erupts like the ultimate heavy metal musical, with many layers of orchestration and choral harmonies adding to these songsā€™ intense sense of drama and mischief”. So it’s proper fist pumping, head banging, overblown, over the top metal with bells on, and is just gloriously silly.

Although its good to great for the most part it’s not all rosy. If you can close your eyes and picture Michael Ball singing a song in an Andrew Loyd Webber musical it’s fair to say then metal compass has gone somewhat off course, and that happens here big time with Fear The Fear. This just doesn’t belong here, eat too much cheese before bedtime and John Barrowman will sing it to you in your sleep…..