Triaxis Live at Dragonfest II

After a week which included Graveyard and Ginger this was supposed to be a weekend off to catch up on all that real life stuff that gets in the way of going to gigs. Well that was the plan, but the draw of seeing Triaxis in Bradford was just too much to resist, and so a trip to Rio’s for Dragonfest was quickly organised…

Triaxis were playing about half way up a mixed bill, which was mostly made up of bands I’d never heard of. Of the ones I saw it was local “Old School” thrashers Let ‘Em Burn, who reformed especially for this gig, that were most impressive. I’ll let them off with the uber-cheesey intro tape, which included an air raid siren AND helicopter noises AND Ride of the Valkyries šŸ˜‰

There’s still nothing quite like proper Thrash when it’s done well, and here it was certainly done very well. There were clearly quite a few folk here to see these guys and I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

But then again if you’re a fan of this music then tracks like Let ‘Em Burn, Weapons Of Mass Distruction and Trenchfoot Terrence are going to be right up your street. Oh, and the cover of Caught In A Mosh was suitably bonkers too.

Can’t beat a bit of Anthrax…

But, as I mentioned, the main reason I found myself in Bradford on a Saturday afternoon was to see Welsh metallers Triaxis. It takes some dedication to the cause to do a 10 hour round trip to play a half hour set but dedication is not something Krissie, CJ, Giles, Glynn and Owen are short of.

Now I’ve seen Triaxis a few times this year, most recently when they played CackBlabbath’s own Twitterfest a couple of months back, and have always been very impressed with them. The thing is though, there was something different about them here. I’m not sure if it was the decent mix, or the fact that they are constantly improving and refining their sound, or the fun they were clearly having but this was by far the best I have seen them.

There was just, I dunno, something different. From the very start of their new intro tape, accompanied by the guy on the lighting desk doing a sterling job of setting the scene, it was obvious that this is a band who have an incredible confidence in what they do born of belief in their own abilities and honed in constant gigging and performing.

After opening with Gates Of Damnation from the Key To The Kingdom album they slipped in a last minute change to the set, with Anthrax’s Madhouse being given an airing in response to public demand. Unfortunately this pushed Wasted Years off the end of the setlist. Honestly, half an hour just isn’t enough.

One of the most distinctive parts of the Triaxis sound is Krissie’s powerful voice and tonight she was in fine form, while (comparatively) new boy Glynn has to be one of the best young guitarists on the scene at the moment. It was also cool to see the blossoming bromance between him and bassist Owen as they worked their choreographed moves into the set.

Just need to get rhythm guitarist CJ to join in šŸ™‚

Two as yet unrecorded tracks were included tonight, Sker Point and Severed Sanity both of which continue the Triaxis tradition of melodic, intelligent “proper” heavy metal and bode extremely well for the new album which is being recorded later this year.

This was by far the best I’ve seen Triaxis perform, they were always a good live band but tonight they showed promise of being much more. It’s always difficult to predict which bands will make it and which never will, but if tonight was anything to go by then Triaxis are more than ready to step up to the next level.