Chrome Division : 3rd Round Knockout

They Say :- If there is one band that can step up to the dirty attitude of bands like MOTÖRHEAD it definitely is CHROME DIVISION! Period!

Founded back in 2004 CHROME DIVISION boasts a line up that consists of some of Norway’s finest and well-known metal musicians: Shagrath, usually the grim and infamous vocalist of black metal gods DIMMU BORGIR, lets out his unexposed side as the axe-wielding rock n’ roller. Guitarist Ricky Black and his fierce guitar solos were the missing ingredient to complete this hellish cocktail.

Vocalist Shady Blue, also known as Athera, of thrash metal masters SUSPERIA joined the band in late 2009 and added a whole new level of musicianship to the CHROME concept. With his one-of-a-kind vocal style, Shady made “3rd Round Knockout” stand out even more from today’s rock music.

Crack open a bottle of good o’l Jack Daniels, get your girls dancing and put “3rd Round Knockout” on your stereo! PLAY IT LOUD!

We Say :- You see certain names attached to new bands and make an assumption as to what that band may sound like, so when the latest release from Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath’s Chrome Division arrived at CackBlabbath I didn’t know quite what to expect, never having heard any of the band’s previous stuff.

But what a record, 3rd Round Knockout leaps pounding out of the speakers like the bastard offspring of a booze and sex fueled one night stand between metal, blues and punk and proceeds to smack you with some excellent, dirty, distorted Rock’n’Roll. It’s difficult to pin down all of the influences at play here, bit of Slipknot here, bit of Metallica there, bit of Motorhead, you get the idea. In places it’s really very good but in others it just seems to be a little bit too familiar.

3rd Round Knockout is a surprising album in oh so many ways, it is honestly nothing at all like I expected given its musical DNA moving as it does from the up-tempo rock’n’roll of Bulldogs Unleashed through to the heavy southern hoe-down blues of The Magic Man.  OK, so nothing is quite as unexpected as the amazing thrash-meets-country cover Ghost Riders In The Sky, which is mental and brilliant in approximately equal measure with vocalist Shady Blue pulling out all the stops.

There’s nothing deep or original about what Shagrath’s guitar-hero alter ego has delivered here, it’s a good solid effort with some genuine highlights. Oh, and it certainly shows off a surprisingly different side to the black metal man’s musical leanings.

Not sure what the men with beards will make of it though 😉