U.D.O. : Rev-Raptor

They Say :- Longevity, integrity and constancy – these are the hallmarks of “Mr. German Metal” Udo Dirkschneider and his band U.D.O.
Already since 1987, the group of the two former members of Accept, Udo Dirkschneider (vocals) and Stefan Kaufmann (guitar) convince with pure Heavy Metal first class. After U.D.O.’s 2009 album “Dominator” was a true triumph, fans and critics are waiting strained for the sequel, which is called “Rev-Raptor” and will be released on 20 May.
The first single “Leatherhead” answered the question of the style’s alignment of the new work meaningful: with “Rev-Raptor” U.D.O. provide the logical successor to “Dominator”. The concise rhythms, with their partly machine-like grooves, are a perfect complement to the traditional and as usual outstanding songwriting of the band. Dirkschneider’s incisive voice brings even armored concrete to quake and the band’s sound underwent a further refinement.

We Say :- Well, after a bit of a barren patch for fans of “proper” heavy metal, 2011 has seen a veritable inundation of pounding riffs and fist in the air choruses, to which U.D.O. now add their not inconsiderable weight.

The album was preceded a few weeks back by the release of the track “Leatherhead” as a single, which certainly promised good things.

Opening track Rev-Raptor sees U.D.O. sticking to familiar territory as the band channel Judas Priest before Leatherhead takes them into more industrial territory before it’s back to basics for Renegade.

The ballad I Give As Good As I Get is a bit of an odd one. For me Udo’s voice doesn’t really work in a heartfelt ballad. I mean he’s never going to be a crooner and there’s more than a whiff of “future karaoke classic” about this, but hats off to him for giving it a go…

One surprise when I first listened to this release is how comfortable the band are slowing things down a little, and although I Give As Good As I Get takes things too far, in Fairy Tales Of Victory the band get things just about spot on with a soaring, anthemic rocker just made to slot into the middle of a stadium set.

Although the album has got Udo’s name on it, the lead guitar work of Stefan Kaufmann is one of the things that really makes this stand out, he really is on outstanding form throughout with some cracking solos..

Although U.D.O. do shake things up a little over the course of 51 minutes they never deviate far from their tried and tested formula, but to be honest you wouldn’t really want them to, ensuring that this is an album which existing fans of the band, and of classic heavy metal, will love.

Now fingers crossed for some UK gigs…….