Condate Records : Split Roast


Ben form Condate Records says :- “The underground scene thrives on the community between bands. It survives year after year because people do it for the passion and for little reward. Split EP’s are the norm throughout metal and punk bands. You hit up several fan bases at once and split costs allowing you to achieve better results than you might trying to do it alone. You also give the people who support underground music a bargain in the process, 5 bands, 20 tracks, over 50 minutes of extreme music. Hopefully people will be as excited about it as we have been. Being the kind of label that we are, DIY and trying to do anything we can to tell people about the music we love, it was always an obvious choice to do a split. Having 5 bands on it was just the icing on the fucking cake. And it’s a big hairy cake packed full of grim!”

We Say :- There are some brilliant bands plugging away in the dark underbelly of the metal scene, bands who play not for the cash, not for the fame, but for the love of making a dirty, filthy, horrible fucking noise. Condate Records have brought together 5 such acts and included them for your listening “pleasure” on one album, cunningly entitled Split Roast.

This is an excellent introduction to the UKs extreme metal underground, and considering that the album only costs £5 from the Condate Records webstore what are you waiting for ???

Colonel Blast :- Can’t beat a bit of the Blast boys, the couple of times I have seen them live audiences have been left battered by their unrelentingly brootal brand of Death Metal. Here they kick things off in a suitably neckbreaking style with Power By Proxy and The Crime Is Passion. This is ferocious progressive tinged death metal par fucking excellence and sets the standard for the rest of the bands here to match.

Cancerous Womb :- So, how do you follow top-notch UK death metal other than with more top-notch UK death metal? How about a bit of Edinburgh’s finest, Cancerous Womb ? Ignoring the self imposed restriction of their ooohhh-how-offensive-can-we-be name this is a really good no compromise DM band with some killer riffs and brilliantly nasty vomiting-gravel-in-a-tin-bath vocals. Oh, and special mention has to go to the “Live In London” recording of Austrian Basement from their debut E.P, f’kin love it.

Don’t think Torn From Gunt To Cunt is ever going to get much radio airplay though.

Magpyes :- After the strong opening salvos fired by Colonel Blast and Cancerous Womb, things do fall back a bit with Magpyes. The production doesn’t help but this is basically an exercise in how far out extreme metal can be. Now that’s fine if it works but here, for me, it veers too close to becoming just a confused mess, even for Grindcore 😉


Dyscaphia :- Fortunately things get well and truly back on track with Manchester’s “most brutal death/tech/grind warriors”. This is another band who show some worryingly musical and progressive leanings, even having the audacity to slip in a neat atmospheric piano intro for Impious Conflagration before the serious death-grind kicks in.

Diascorium :- The last band on the split are Leeds based Diascorium, who have the most, erm, eclectic contribution. They start things off with a couple of their trademark furious, thumping, technical death metal tracks which show just how well “extreme” and “technical” can balance when done properly. These are followed by an unexpected atmospheric-piano-core interjection of, erm, Interjection… before Reduction To The Absurd reminds you of exactly what they are capable of.

And that would have made an excellent end to an excellent release, so I’m not sure about the inclusion of the remix of Self Modifying Game, which doesn’t add much.

So there you have it, an hour of music split over 20 tracks from some of the brightest talent in the ever-growing UK extreme metal scene. And it’s only a fiver. So go, buy it and support Condate Records and the bands here so they can keep on doing what they do.