Monkeys Are Machine Guns : Bill Cosby’s Jello

They Say :- Monkeys Are Machine Guns is a new band featuring Trevor Friedrich (Combichrist, Eighteen Visions) and Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh). The band will release their debut album, Bill Cosby’s Jello via FETO Records in June 2011.

The line up is completed by Joe Letz (Combichrist) and Bobby Schubenski. When quizzed about their influences, Friedrich cited “bacon, candy and hot water” amongst others. He also provided some insight into the formation of the band and the recording processes they used by stating “Last week we decided to musically grow up so shit got real; we all played every instrument simultaneously in Mick’s bedroom, and his dog, Izzy, recorded it”. Upon completion of the album, Mick Kenney was quoted as saying “That’s bad as fuck that is”.

The band currently has no plans to perform live.

We Say :- Riiiiiight….

Coming in with a definite contender for perhaps the most, erm, unusual album of the year Mick Kenney and Trevor Freidrich present 7 minutes of total lunacy comprising of 15 tracks of, well, mental noise. I’ve been looking forward to hearing this since I  read the initial press release for this project, and even in that there was a certain aura of “What the fuck ??”.

Let us forst turn our attention to the track titles, which include such gems as I’m Not Racist I Just Hate A Lot, We Aren’t The Joke and, the frankly bizzare I Love Cats So Fuck Your Wife, Okaaaaay….

And to be honest “What The Fuck ??” is pretty much the reaction you have when you listen to Bill Cosby’s Jello too. It’s nasty, violent and incredibly extreme grind in short, frantic percussion driven spurts. No clean vocals, or indeed clean anything here, just screams, guitars being tortured and a drumkit which sounds like it is being abused with power tools.

It is, without a doubt it’s the most insane thing I’ve heard for ages.

Not for the faint of heart, this intense, violent, angry noise masquerading as music, and it’s just perfect for those of you who just find Anaal Nathrakh to be a bit too melodic.

“Bad as fuck”, that about sums it up 🙂