Soilent Green Live at Sheffield Corporation


Not much good at quiet nights in, so after a last minute decision born of Saturday evening boredom (and alcohol) I found myself back in the dark confines of the Sheffield Corporation. This time I had genuinely no idea what to expect as Louisiana’s Soilent Green were a band I knew virtually nothing about. This was the penultimate date of their lengthy European tour, and having heard some of the feedback from earlier dates I was expecting good things..

But, hey, a gig is a gig and it’s better than sitting at home ­čÖé

20110515-023133.jpg Soilent Green certainly looked the part when they came onstage. Ben Falgoust is every inch the long haired Metal frontman, backed up by bassist Scott Crochet, guitarist Brian Patton and drummer Tommy Buckley.

Musically the band stand astride an impressive array of styles. It’s mainly sludgey death metal, but this these aren’t musicians who feel constrained to stick to one style. In addition to the DM there is certainly a good helping of old school thrash mixed in, and even places where they deliver heavy as fuck doom riffing. Speaking to Scott after the gig I asked him how he would sum up the sound. He reckons it’s a bit of everything, and that’s a pretty apt description.

There is also something incredibly technical about what they do. The band’s furious live sound is built on the solid foundation of Tommy Buckley’s incredible drumming, with the rest of the band having to constantly pull out the stops just to keep up. And keep up they do. Fans of Eyehategod will already know what an amazing guitarist Brian Patton is, but for me one of the most impressive things about Soilent Green live is how his fretboard gymnastics are matched, almost riff for riff, by Scott Crochet on Bass.

Just incredible to watch this pair going at it…

Soilent Green live are an intense experience, and don’t real pity that they don’t get over here that often. Brian Patton’s Eyehategod commitments and Tommy Buckley’s with Crowbar mean that the opportunities to get together and gig can be limited, but should they grace these shores again I can wholeheartedly recommend that you go see them.

Given previous form, it may be a while before they’re back though.