Fortune Favours The Brave : Through The Bullets And The Bloodstains

They Say :- Hailing from Essex, Fortune Favours The Brave are a Progressive Metal act whose live shows have not only earned them an already impressive fanbase, but whose ability to stay true to their old school influences and very honestly embrace them, whilst not being afraid to lace it with the gut-wrenching passion of metal vocals, will set them apart from the standard blast happy, pig squeeling death chord trends of today. Using odd time signatures mixed with technical melodies Fortune Favours The Brave produce their own take on the metal genre.

We Say :- Right, so this is progressive metal is it ?? Sounds a bit more angry metalcore than progressive but there you go šŸ™‚

The album opens with soundscape that would have been familiar to Wilfred Owen, shellfire, gunshots, a military drumbeat and some atmospheric strings conjuring up visions of young men marching off to the front to fight. As atmospheric album openings go this is one of the best I have heard, but it sets you up for a different album to the one that actually follows…

After that start things proper kick off with Call Of Duty, where some excellent guitar stuff courtesy of Tom Turner and Adam Aldridge seems to bode well. It opens with some neat guitar harmonies…. before the direction changes abruptly from the progressive to to the shoutey-core.

Given what has gone before I didn’t find this surprise entirely welcome. It’s not helped by the fact that, for me, the vocals just don’t cut it on this track. Superficially the delivery is suitably angry but it just seems to be missing out on, I dunno, passion.

The running order doesn’t help the initial impressions either. After only one proper track the record effectively stops again for Conflict, a minute and a half which ends with an old (sounding) gramophone recording winding down. Way to kill the energy guys.

Once things get going again things do pick up markedly, and there are some really good moments on Through The Bullets And Bloodstains. I’ve mentioned the guitars before, but it’s worth repeating that there is some some stunningly good playing on here, and the tracks themselves are well structured with impressive changes of tempo and feel to keep everything interesting.

The only real downside is that there are places where I don’t really “feel” the vocals, that’s not to say they’re bad though, it’s just that there’s just bits where they don’t seem to be of the calibre everything else that’s going on. Having said that when it works and everything comes together the band clearly illustrate just what they are capable of, saving the best ’till (almost) last with the inspired Shattered And Broken where Will Sparling’s vocal delivery is nigh-on faultless.

I’ve been listening to this album a fair bit over the past couple of weeks, and I still can’t get my head round exactly what the band are trying to achieve. There’s definitely a concept behind the album centered on war, so this could just be the first progressive metalcore concept album.