Circles : Interview with Drew and Dave

Djent eh? Don’t you just love the need to give silly names to things to make them sound cool and new when often they are neither. Technical wizardry is nothing if you don’t have the ability to write a decent song, and this is something that a lot of “tech” bands seem to forget, but not Aussie boys Circles, oh no. The band have recently signed to Basick Records (who have a knack of signing some of the best tech-metal bands on the planet) and their debut EP The Compass is available now.

CackBlabbath spoke to the band to find out a little about their background, their hopes and labouring under “that” label.

Oh, and for the more puerile amongst us, they also used the phrase “bottom end friendly” which I assume isn’t a euphemism šŸ™‚

Anyway, back to being all serious. You can get hold of the really very good The Compass EP from the Basick Records store, and find out more about the band on their website.

How did the band get together ?

Drew: Well, Ted and Dave new each other way back before puberty had met either of them. They’d played in bands together growing up. Dave and I were both living out the last days of the last band we were in and everyone else were in separate other bands. Ted had a back catalogue of tracks that he
wanted to use but in a new band with people that shared his ideas. Dave was an obvious choice being mates for so long and knew all the tracks that Ted had as he’d worked on them also. Ted and I spoke and that was me. Matty was found on the Internet while we were looking for a singer. And Matty found Perry on the Internet. He was in a band already but he came in, had a sing and here we are.

The Compass mini album has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, happy with the reception so far ?

Drew: It has and yeah we are really happy so far.

You’ve been lumped in with the Djent movement, what do you think of that label ?

Drew: Djent. Haha. I think that word is ridiculous. Funny but still ridiculous. It’s a sound that’s been used for a fad that is now, as you put it, a movement. Let’s say it amuses me.

Do you think that labels like “tech” or “djent” may become limiting ?

Drew: Yes and no. I think it opens up possibilities for a bigger fan base for us and other bands alike. But at the same time it can also be limiting in that people could automatically dismiss our music based on those terms before actually listening to the music.

To me you strike that rare balance of being amazingly technical, but not letting that get in the way of the music. is that a balance that comes naturally to you ?

Drew: It does take some work. With all 5 of us into very similar music but also very different styles too, this helps a lot. It’s quite easy to find a really good idea and just milk it, but as we all know that can get boring really fast. Especially when you get a riff that sounds great and feels really good to play also.

Do you go into the studio with everything written and the arrangements sorted out, or do the songs continue to evolve after you start recording ?

Drew: We go into the studio with songs put together knowing full well that they will be chopped up. Either re arranged or parts disposed of and possibly used in other tracks. So yeah they are always evolving. Sometimes they sound completed and everyone is pretty happy but then after a few more
listens there may be one tiny thing that sounds great but just isn’t sitting 100% right.

The production on the record is nigh on perfect, how did the final sound compare to what you imagined before the recording started ?

Drew: Firstly. Ted did an amazing job with the production of The Compass. I knew it was always going to sound good, but not as good as it ended up. Everything has it’s place in the tracks and everything can be heard. I know that sounds stupid but in some recording that bands do things get lost. But not in this case. It’s clear, powerful, mid and bottom end friendly. Just how any good finished product should sound.

The Compass is being released via Basick Records, your music with their roster and expertise seems a perfect fit ?

Dave: It’s been great working with Basick. We loved the bands on their roster even before we signed with them. All of their bands have a unique quality about them, all pushing the boundaries in some way and we are really happy to be part of that.

There have been some high profile tours with Tech / Djent bands hitting the road together, what would be Circles dream tour package ?

Dave: It would have to go something like Periphery, TesseracT, Monuments, Textures, Aliases and Circles world tour… Ha ha. Actually we don’t even have to play, I just want to go to that gig.

Realistically, Where would you like to see the band this time next year ?

Drew: This time next year I really want to be touring the UK/EU and or the US. Japan would be nice too. Get me out of Australia for a while. Beautiful country with mostly nice people but I’ve been here a while now, and when we have people writing to us saying come to the U.K. and hurry up and get to the U.S. pretty much every week. How could we not want to get out of here.