Origin : Entity

One of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal world, ORIGIN, have returned to stake their claim as the leaders of metal’s new wave of extremity with their fifth studio effort entitled Entity. As expected, the death grind trio of Flores, Ryan, and Longstreth continue to churn out frantic hell paced grids of metal torment, but now further compliment the arrangements with a new found propensity for churning grooves and the hook laden approach that first reared its ugly, but accessible head on the bands 2007 offering, Antithesis. The band once again returned to Chapman Recording Studios, in Lenexa Kansas to work with long time engineer and friend, Robert Rebeck. As stated multiple times in the past, Origin proves once again, that they stand head and shoulders above their peers.

We Say :- If you’re tired of the dominating view of Kansas being images of a wistful Dorothy Gale pining for her farmstead home, then you’re going to be delighted at the news that Origin, the brutal Kansas based death metallers have made a return to the fold. And what a return. Their latest record, “Entity” is one of the most brutal expositions of the death metal genre you will hear all year: it’s the aural equivalent of Laurence Olivier giving Dustin Hoffman root canal.

Expulsion of Fury explodes out of the speakers with all the brutal aggression and technical excellence you have come to expect from the band. It’s as remorseless as being repeatedly punched in the face but without the pain and agony, blood and snot. Purgatory continues the aural bombardment in a similar vein but it’s on Conceiving Death with the signature leitmotifs of drumming blast beats, odd time signatures all combining brilliantly in a structured assault that you will feel exhausted yet exhilarated.

If a record had a creative heart then it is surely the seven minute Saliga. If death metal has one issue- that it can sometimes be a pony of somewhat limited repertoire- then Origin have surely lain that ghost to rest in this track which has more ideas, dynamism and technical prowess than you could safely shake a stick at. It’s relentless, fearless, exemplary.

You’re glad of the relief provided by the brief melodic interlude of The Descent, a moody, atmospheric track that leads back into the second half battery of Fornever and Committed. Consequence of Solution, the second seven minute track here, raises the ante even further. Effectively two tracks brought together via some amazing guitar playing, it’s a caustic, horrible, cacophony of technically brilliant noise. You will love it.

If you’re only remotely interested in death metal you’re going to want this record in your life; even if you’re not, there’s enough energy and creativity on display here that should pique the interest of even the most jaded of palettes.  Origin have returned with an album as intense and technical as you would have expected; as exciting and dynamic that you hoped. It’s a record that not just out its stall but makes an application for the entire market. Ferocious.