Godsized Live at The Garage

Photo By Michelle @ mootography.com

If there is a band that I will forever associate with CackBlabbath it is Godsized. They were one of the first I ever reviewed, and guitarist Neil was the first musician I ever interviewed for the site. In the time that has passed since then I have caught up with them a few times, playing to a packed tent at Download and conversely to about 10 people in Eddies Rock Club in Birmingham.

But what I have never seen is them give anything less that 100%… and tonight was to be no exception.

Photo By Michelle @ mootography.com

The guys have recently completed a jaunt round the UK and big chunks of Europe with BLS, and the Garage gig was the first time they have played London since then. There was no way I was going to miss this one as this is a band who were born to play live, so what where they going to be like now after honing their skills on the bigger stages supporting Zakk Wylde ?

You see it’s all kept beautifully simple and Godsized don’t let anything get in the way of the music. It’s just 4 guys, minimal stage set and an awesome arsenal of pounding, heavy fist-in-the-air proper rock songs, and tonight they treated us to a masterclass in no bullshit rock’n’roll with a well balanced mix of new songs and stuff from their previous 2 EPs.

The increase in the band’s popularity was evident from the fact that the Garage was packed to capacity as a sell out crowd squeezed in for this homecoming gig, it’s nice to see the band finally getting the audience they deserve. Anyway, against any interpretation of common sense I positioned myself right in front of the stage and braced for impact.

Godsized duly arrived and wasted no time on pleasantries before proceeding to attempt to rip our heads off with a new track, Soul Taker. Seriously, I’m getting too old, my neck just can’t take it anymore…

As soon as the first blast of riffs filled the room it was obvious that Godsized have stepped it up to the next level. Guitarist Neil and Bassist Gav were throwing the requisite rockstar shapes while frontman Glen just did what he always does, he has an incredibly powerful yet soulful voice, allied with more than enough guitar skills to keep Neil on his toes.

The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave was next followed by Fight and Survive ensuring there was no letup in the pace before a track the band had debuted on the BLS tour, No Reprieve, was given another airing.

Photo By Michelle @ mootography.com

This was Godsized plus, tighter, heavier and much more relaxed. I’d imagine that opening for BLS could have, on occasion, been a tough gig but here the band were amongst friends and they knew it. A massive drunken (well, I was anyway) sing-along for So I’m Told was a definite highpoint of the evening before yet another new song, Still Waiting, was premiered.

*sniff* our little band are all growed up šŸ˜‰

The showcasing of new material continued with Heavy Load before the band slowed things down a little with The Last Goodbye and Walking Away. Well, they had to give us some reprieve before the inevitable, neckbreaking finale of Head Heavy which was met with yet more frantic headbanging.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Once again Godsized had defied my expectations. I mean I knew they were going to be good but tonight there was just something extra there, something special.

We’re still waiting for Godsized to get their fingers out and let us have their debut album, judging by the new tracks that we heard tonight it will be something well worth the wait. This is a band who will undoubtedly soon have the world at their feet and given the amount of effort they have put in it’s well deserved.

Was there a downside. Well yes actually there was. Bloody ruined me for Rush the next evening šŸ™‚

Special thanks to the awesome Michelle Murphy for letting me use some of her brilliant photos for this review. Get yourself over to Mootography.com to see some more of her work. Oh, and thanks also due for making sure that I made it back to the vicinity of my hotel while slightly (OK, very) pissed.