The Treatment Live at The Borderline

Dave Fensome caught next-big-thing candidates The Treatment live at London’s Borderline. I think he liked them….

It’s an early start as The Treatment are the first band on here tonight, but the Borderline is unusually full. This isn’t entirely surprising as this a band with an absolute shitload of buzz about them. This is their first London show since a scene stealing turn at Hammerfest, and it’s obvious that they’ve bought a few  new fans along for the ride. The thing that really stands out about this crowd is how diverse it is, everyone part of the rock spectrum is covered here, from gnarled old rockers to fit young girls to, not to mention a conspicuous industry contingent propping up bar.

The Treatment’s sound is unashamedly rooted in Classic Rock, and they wear their influences on their sleeves. A wise man once said “fuck retro anything”, and that a sentiment I’m normally inclined to agree with, but there’s something about these guys that sets them well and truly apart from the pack. It could be that they are so impossibly young, and infuriatingly handsome (there was certainly more than one young lady in the audience getting doe eyed and fizzy knickered over them tonight), maybe it’s because they have so much confidence, it could be the playing ability of each of the members, or maybe it’s because they have got such fucking great songs.  In fact it’s a combination of all of these; imagine if Kiss actually had any songs, or if Motley Crue weren’t such pricks, or if Bon Jovi still had some balls.

It doesn’t take long into opener Drink, Fuck, Fight for the crowd to get going. Singer Matt is a great frontman and definitely knows how to work a room, his vocal range frankly pisses on that of most of his peers, strong, clear and full of character. The band are on top form tonight as well, they obviously spend a lot of time thinking about their stage craft as well as the music, as they make a real effort to hype the crowd. Songs like Shake The Mountain maintain the atmosphere, with most of the audience singing along. Nothing to Lose but our minds is a singalong number that could eventually find it’s place amongst the “God Gave Rock n’ Roll’s” of this world. They even manage to instigate a stage invasion for the last tune, no mean feat pre-9pm!

I didn’t have time to stay for next two bands (I had an evening that involved Dalston hipsters, Lady Gaga’s DJ and the singer from Ulver- long story) but to be honest I wouldn’t have wanted to follow that. Make sure you catch these guys at High Voltage and Sonisphere, and make sure you get those “I saw ‘em first“ bragging rights!


Drink Fuck Fight,
The Coldest Place On Earth,
The Doctor
Shake The Mountain,
Just Tell Me Why,
Nothing To Lose But Our Minds,
Way Of The World