Limp Bizkit : Gold Cobra

We Say :- Gold Cobra is the much-anticipated sixth studio album from “nu-metal” favourites, Limp Bizkit. I’ll get the obvious out of the way first. If you are expecting deep lyrical content and fantastic musicianship this is not the album for you. If you want something catchy, cheesy and crap (in true Limp Bizkit style) this is up there with the best of them. Most of which happens to be the Jacksonville quintet’s back catalog.

The first thing that hits you is the totally dog shit album artwork! Three semi-naked women with their tongues out, being leered over by a giant cobra. Hmm.. interesting! It’s so bad it makes me want to tear my eyeballs out, BUT it is Limp Bizkit and I do think that the secret of enjoying anything this band do is to take it all tongue in cheek, album covers included. Don’t get me started on the logo…

I can be excused for being both excited and anxious for this album. It’s been 6 years since the rather forgettable ‘Unforgivable Truth Part 1’ hit our shelves, and a further 4 years since we had a studio album from the original members. I want it to be good, but I am aware that part of my love for The Bizkit is the nostalgia that those songs offer me.

Initially, what worried me was whether Limp Bizkit were relevant anymore. It’s 2011, nu-metal has largely died (or some would say evolved). Would LB try and reinvent themselves (which fails for so many artists), or would they look at what they do best and indulge us with that? Would they produce a nostalgic record whilst forgetting about what’s popular in the current musical scene?  Thankfully Fred Durst and company left their ‘emo-fringe-attached-red caps at home and just gave us more of what we know and love them for – Straight-up, pumping beats to bounce around to!

Cracking on, the introduction – eloquently titled “Introbra”, is a minute and a half of snarling sirens and gritty vocals, which lure you into thinking that this album is going to be heavier and angrier than their previous offerings.  So what does the content have to offer?

Bring it Back kicks the album off with killer riffs and Fred Durst rapping and screaming over the top, dropping in such cultural references as Wikipedia and Slayer. It is clear that Durst’s awful and ridiculous lyrics are going to be abundant on this album from the outset. It’s what we Limp Bizkit fans expect; it’s what we Limp Bizkit fans get! The dynamic between the chorus and verse set’s this song up to “put bounce in the mosh pit”, as someone once said.  Then it’s into the title track – Gold Cobra. If I could interview the band I would ask why ‘Gold Cobra’. It’s a bit of a crap name for an album, but crap and Limp Bizkit are synonymous, so we happily accept it. Gold Cobra is a good song. The repetitive chorus ensures that this is one that you will be humming whether you want to or not.

Shark Attack starts with a Jaws-like intro before crashing in with a reference straight from ‘Break Stuff’. If Limp Bizkit are good at one thing, it’s including recognizable elements into new songs, making listeners already feel somewhat comfortable on a first listen.  Get a Life leans more on the rap side of the Bizkit scale, yet the chorus’ are reminiscent of their ‘3 Dollar Bill Y’all” days. However, Fred Durst’s alias of Polar Bear is a new one to me. Step forward the publication or person who has referred to him as ‘Polar Bear’ and explain! Nice to see he still doesn’t care about all the “haterz” too. I’ve been worried about that. Borlands delicate interlude and the French vocals that lead into Shotgun confuse me a little. The guitar work is beautiful; the French vocals just seem unnecessary.

Shotgun tells us that everybody jumps from the sound of a shotgun and everyone in his neighbourhood has one. Polar Bear lives in a scary place it seems… You really can’t take this album seriously at all. If you try, you’ll hate it with a passion! Shotgun is yet another typical Bizkit affair – bouncing chorus’ and memorable riffs.

Douche Bag is by far my favorite song on the album. It’s so bloody silly – I love it! Easy to remember angry lyrics (Douche-bag I’m gonna fuck you up!) ensures this is going to be an absolute killer live! I personally can’t wait to throw all kinds of shapes to this at Sonisphere! This is that song that you’ll find yourself singing in inappropriate company. Bizkit do their now expected ‘slow it down, and give it to you harder and faster’ element, which is sure to create a frenzy on dance floors up and down the Country.

Walking away slows the mood down and is reminiscent of the laid back vibe of Behind Blue Eyes. It contains no rapping and, to me, this is Limp Bizkit being serious and thus is a perfect contrast to the likes of ‘Douchebag’.

Loser continues the relaxed vibe, but re-introduces the rap element. Although I like this, It’s probably the one song on the album which is instantly forgettable. The beat remains at one tempo throughout and it fails to really peak or go anywhere.

Autotunage is hilarious! I can only assume it’s a piss-take. And as someone who bloody hates this technique, it’s fun to laugh along at it. John Otto breaks it on down and the song gets into a steady beat perfect to fist pump too. This is going to be that song that is funny to start with, but one that you’ll ultimately fast forward through. Mainly because auto tune just sucks all kinds of ass, piss-take or not!

90.2.10 starts off much like old-skool Megadeth. I am not shitting you! It’s got a 80’s thrash vibe to it. This, however, goes nowhere and the song develops into a normal Bizkit affair. The song seems to be about a party, and he says something about Corey Taylor.

After what I would consider three mediocre efforts, we get to Why Try. A blisteringly fantastic track. Up-tempo, catchy and a track that could easily sit with Limp Bizkits finest. It’s heavier, faster, anthem and it’s going to fill those dance floors! Killer in You closes the album. It’s a relatively gentle one… Good guitar work, but pales in comparison to Why Try.

And that’s it! If you are not a LB fan, this will not be for you. But by now you should already know this. It’s ridiculous, cheesy, silly and utterly brilliant! It’s not going to change your life, but it will get you losing your shit at a club and when you see them live. There is an art in that. Limp Bizkit have perfected that particular art with Gold Cobra.

Gold Cobra is set for release on June 27th 2011 through Interscope.

See Limp Bizkit live at Sonisphere Festival (and find me in the pit!)