The Commander-In-Chief : Paranoid

They Say :- From the hazardous storms and below zero temperatures, of the most remote and dangerous place on earth, where even the deepest fjords freeze to ice, and there is no summer – The Commander In Chief was born.

At the age of 4 she could speak with whales. At the age of 6 she killed her first Polar bear. Having heard rumors of a more prosperous place on Earth, she set off with her Polar dogs, pulling all her belongings, boxes of goat’s cheese and Mjod as far south as she could come.

The Commander discovered her talent for music, sitting outside the family tent late at night, singing for geckos and squirrels, the only friends she had. Someone had told her about an island in the  north-west,  where talents flourished and  new ideas was the rule. Inspired by this, she set out to find this sacred place in her home built Viking ship. After weeks of sailing around the edge of Europe she reached the Atlantic ocean and got lost. For months she drifted around, not finding her way, never giving up hope of reaching the promised land.  She took some floating debris from the ocean and built herself her first instrument.   In her eternal quest for perfection, she spent 3 months tuning it and finally it sounded just how she had always dreamed. On a cold, stormy winter night her ship finally crashed into the rainy island. Totally confused by cars driving on the wrong side of the streets and giant red buses, she had found her destination.

We Say :- The tag line that is being used to promote The Commander-In-Chief (no, no idea) is “The first female 7 string guitarist singer and songwriter in metal”. I guess that ticks all of the target demographic boxes. It’s a pretty lady, she plays a guitar, it has 7 strings. And she shot a polar bear when she was 6 (three of those are facts, the other is an unsubstantiated claim made on her website 😉 I’m not sure I believe the bit about the Geckos either…

But I digress…

When The Commander-In-Chief was first mentioned on Twitter I headed across to her website like the inquisitive soul that I am. There’s a media player thing there where you can listen to a track called Great Expectations, go listen to it, We’ll wait for you…

Right, back then ? Fairly nice lady-metal I think you’ll agree. Anyway The Commander-In-Chief (Silly name can we call her something else ?) is about to release the first step in her route to global domination in the form of her new single, Paranoid. Yes… THAT Paranoid. You know the classic, fuck with it at your peril Black Sabbath standard ? I can almost imagine the men with beards spluttering out their real ale at the very thought of it.

Announcing your arrival with a cover version, especially a cover of a classic, is always a bit of a high risk move….. But, and here’s the thing, this isn’t really what you’d really call a cover version. OK, so the words are there and the distinctive riff is buried in there somewhere too but this is more of a re-imagining of the original and TC-I-C has reworked into something fairly unique. It has the requisite show-off twiddly guitar work to demonstrate that TC-I-C backs up her claims with some real talent but for me it’s the vocals that set this slightly apart. They won’t be to everyone’s taste but it’s a powerful delivery and she undeniably has an impressive range.

It’ll be interesting to see if TC-I-C has enough ideas to fill an album, but on the basis of the couple of tracks I have heard I suspect that wont be a problem.

I do expect lots of people to absolutely hate this though 🙂