CB’s 2011 Sonisphere Preview Pt 2

More thoughts on who to watch out for at Sonisphere from the ladies of Team CB 🙂

*please note, the management are not responsible for any of these bands sucking


Limp Bizkit Sunday 18:45, Apollo Stage

Well, after my glowing review of Gold Cobra I am more than excited to hear songs like ‘Douche Bag’ performed live. Whether you love or hate them, one thing for sure is that Limp Bizkit put on a killer show, and I have never had more fun in a pit than during their 2009 Sonisphere appearance. I am more than excited for a repeat performance this year – They are a fun band and great to drunk-dance to with your mates. Everyone knows “their rhymes”… and most of us know the Rollin’ dance too. Get on it!!


Slipknot Sunday 21:00, Apollo Stage

Their first UK appearance since the tragic passing of bassist Paul Gray. It promises to be an emotional super-charged set filled with all the raw energy we have come to expect from this amazing band. Snuff is bound to get the maggots in the crowd weeping, and Spit it Out promises to elevate any emo mood with Slipknots now trademark crunching pit-heavy riffs. I have never seen a bad Slipknot show, this promises to be no different.

Anberlin Sunday 17:15, Bohemia

WHAT.EVER! This is the band I regularly get the piss taken out of me for liking, but I stand by my assessment that they are a genuinely good band. More melodic and not heavy in the slightest, but perfect for a Sunday evening chill out session before all the jumping around Limp Bizkit and Slipknot will demand. That’s not to say they won’t have you jumping about – songs like Goodspeed and Feel Good Drag will balance the softer side of Anberlin’s back catalog. Give them a shot – and if you like them shout about it to shut up my contemporaries. Thanks 😉


In Flames Sunday 14:05, Saturn Stage

I’ve seen In Flames before, but have never had a real interest in them, until now.  The recent release of “Sounds of a Playground Fading” made me curious as I’d heard mixed reports but after a few listens I’m hooked.  I’m looking forward to hearing them play “Come Clarity” as this is their most well known song, but I’m also really looking forward to hearing the new stuff.


Sisters of Mercy Saturday 23:15, Bohemia

As Saturday is a bit of a non event for me, main stage wise, there is only one place I’m going to be.  I am ridiculously excited to be seeing this band again!  I can’t wait to hear them play Dominion, This Corrosion, Lucretia, Temple of Love… I think it’s safe to say, they could probably play anything and I would be happy!


The Answer

Whilst most people will be watching Slipknot, I’m going to be somewhat controversial and take myself off to see these guys.  I’ve seen them many times before, but know that with their style of feel good rock n roll I’m in for a good show and they will be the pick me up that I will probably need at the end of a festival weekend.  There are so many great songs that I would love for them to play, but I can’t pick just one so I’m going to say “Demon Eyes” and “Pride”.