Monument : Rock The Night

They Say :- Formed in the streets of East London by vocalist Peter Ellis (Ex- White Wizzard, The More I See), MONUMENT is bringing back a sound that has been missing from the UK for nearly 30 years… True British Heavy Metal!

With thunderous, melodic bass tones, dual guitar harmonies, rock-solid drum beats and signature falsetto wails, the band is determined to make a difference in today’s Metal scene and is celebrating a sound that is rooted in melody and good songwriting that will inspire a new generation of Metal fans.

True Metal is back in the Empire and MONUMENT will undoubtedly be the band at the forefront of this new wave.

We Say :- I first saw Peter Ellis on stage a year ago at the SOS festival in Manchester where he was fronting Giz Butt’s The More I See. At the time it was hard not to be impressed by his assured presence and amazing voice. I mean this guy was seriously good, as he worked the stage I couldn’t help drawing comparisons to Dio, OK he had a way to go but the potential was clearly there….

It was pretty clear that great things were ahead, and when the news came through that Peter had left TMIS to join LA rockers White Wizzard I, for one, wasn’t that surprised.

For whatever reasons the WW thing didn’t work out (we’ll be interviewing Peter later to get the background on exactly what happened) and now he is back in good old blighty fronting his new band Monument, where he is joined by Ben Lundy and Dan Panza on guitar, Dave Rimmer on bass and Arn Rogan on drums.

The band have recently broken cover to unleash Rock The Night, which is presently riding high on the ReverbNation Metal chart and it’s a powerful statement of intent. They have taken all the ingredients that made British metal so distinctive, combining the power and the glory of the greats while still managing to carve out their own distinctive identity. The twin guitar attack evokes the spirit of Judas Priest or Iron Maiden and it is topped off with an impressive vocal performance. This is music fast, tight and heavy, delivered by a band who just live to play.

Proper Metal is definitely enjoying a renaissance at the moment, and if the upcoming album delivers on the promise shown by this taster then Monumnet will be right at the front of it.

Welcome back Pete šŸ™‚