The Hype Theory : Kid At Heart (Single)

They Say :- Taking influence from the likes of Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World and You Me At Six, The Hype Theory play modern pop punk rock with powerful female lead vocals, infectious melodies and most importantly, great songs.

Following their victory in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam, they’ve had a roller coaster month playing at Download Festival, HMS Hammer, T In The Park and Sonisphere as well as inking their deal with Small Town. Their hectic schedule continues throughout the summer with appearances at Hevy and Underage festivals and a number of one of club shows.

We Say :- Ahhh, so this is modern pop-punk? Nope, wait, actually it’s female fronted modern pop-punk-rock. From a band that were voted “one of Kerrang radio’s best unsigned female fronted bands of 2010”.

Yeah, I’m surprised I made it this far too šŸ™‚

Kid At Heart is the new single from The Hype Theory who (as you may have noticed) have a girl singer. Makes things awkward as I now have to do this without mentioning Paramore and sounding tragically out of my depth, so here we go….

This single kicks off with the title track which is one of those energetic, bright and bouncy feel-good odes to young love. It’s a cracking example of that predominantly American pop-punk thing (albeit in this case much more pop than punk), a sort of alcopop fueled hybrid Blink-182 meets We The Kings sing-along party tune. Frontperson Katy Jackson says it’s about “the feeling you get when you first meet someone and you spend the whole summer being inseparable!”.

Nope, don’t remember that but I doubt I’m in the band’s target demographic….

The second track on here, These Are The Times, continues in very much the same vein. Sing along lyrics, hugely catchy choruses and a real feel good vibe. There’s an obvious poppy commercial appeal to what The Hype Theory do, it’s undeniably music with a massive appeal to the Warped tour generation.

Things are neatly finished off with an acoustic version of Kid At Heart which proves, if you still needed proof, that Katy has a really good voice and that the band have a knack for writing a memorable tune.

The whole pop-punk-whatever market is saturated with a thousand near identical bands, writing a thousand near identical songs but I think that Katy’s vocal abilities could give The Hype Theory something a little extra. OK, so there’s nothing particularly new happening here but they do have something that, if they manage to capitalise on it, could help them stand out and give them an edge over the competition.

And if you want a second opinion, my resident picky teenager asked if she could borrow the CD after I’d finished the review. Given her usual opinions of my musical listenings that is high praise indeed šŸ™‚