Furyon Live at Brighton Concorde

Furyon’s homecoming show in Brighton was always going to be a special affair. Dave Fensome was there…

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Furyon. No sooner were they reunited with guitarist Chris Green, (who had been kept out of the UK on a visa issue) than an unfortunate face/pavement interface left him with a broken jaw and unable to embark on their tour of the UK. The band soldiered on regardless, and the online reviews were nothing less than glowing, however it meant that this big hometown show was going to be the first time that all 5 members had been on a stage together for 7 months.

The Concorde 2 is not a venue that is usually headlined by unsigned bands, or bands just starting out (bands on the venues gig list for this year include Skindred, Turisas, and 36 Crazyfists). So it’s a pretty big deal to see the place absolutely packed, with Furyon T-shirts everywhere you look.

The anticipation is running pretty high as Lalo Schifrin’s “Enter the Dragon” theme comes over the PA. The band walk onstage and both guitarists drop straight into the classic 70’s riff- it’s a great opening gambit and the crowd love it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a regular feature (I, for one, hope it makes the cut at High Voltage) They slam straight into an immense “Voodoo Me” following up with the prog-tinged monster that is “Souvenirs”. Having seen this band in various backwater shit holes up and down the country it’s great to hear them through such a great PA. It’s immediately obvious what outstanding form singer Matt Mitchell’s voice is on, the small improvisations and riffs mean it’s even better than album perfect.

Forthcoming single “Don’t Follow” is up next, and brings with it the night’s first moshpit. The Pantera-esque main riff just sounds brutal tonight, and guitarist Pat Heath really hammers the solo home with a vengeance. Next up is “Wasted on You”, and this is the moment that the show is elevated from a great show to a sublime one. Everything just falls into place for this one, and by the time Chris steps to the front of the stage to play “that” solo the crowd are pretty much in the palm of their hands.

“Fear Alone”, “New Way of Living” and “Stand Like Stone” keep the epic feel going. The band are all over the stage tonight clearly feeling the love from the hometown crown, in fact I think bassist Nickel sings just as many words as Matt tonight. The only one not head-banging is Chris, but as his jaw is basically held together by screws and sellotape at the moment, you can let him off.

Gravitas’ only ballad “Our Peace Someday” is a really special moment and gives a lull before the storm before they unleash a monster “Disappear Again”. Since they last played this song in Brighton it’s picked up nearly 14,000+ Youtube hits, and been featured on the soundtrack to a No.1 Xbox game, and that’s very evident in the crowd reaction. As the final notes ring out, the crowd are shouting for more, but the strict venue curfew means there is no time.

As epic homecomings go, this was an entirely convincing performance, and made all the more impressive when you remember that the band have done all of this without a label, any support from the music industry. Anyone in attendance tonight will tell you that this won’t be the case for much longer.