Sister – Hated

We Say :- Okay first up, I will admit to having my head in a bucket for the last few years, and a LOT of great music has probably passed me by. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I’m making up for it now (I hope), so once again I was completely in the dark about Sister before sticking this album in my stereo.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sleaze Rock, and it’s great to hear that it’s not died out. In fact, these guys do it so well, that my first impressions were that these guys MUST be from the USA, which brought us bands like RATT, and Faster Pussycat et al. FAIL! Sister are another band from Sweden, which if I’m honest is churning out some very decent bands of late, and Sister is no exception.

One look at the band and you can make a guess as to what to expect. What you actually get though, was a big surprise to me. This album oozes attitude and is as down and dirty as anything that you’re likely to have heard. These guys rock, and rock hard, and with lyrics straight out of the gutter. As I said, the sound is primarily American Sleaze, and to some extent, Sleaze bands tend to sound a bit ‘samey’ at times. I could say that Sister are no exception, but actually they are a little different. Sure you get nods to classic bands, even picking up a little of Sleez Beez (remember them?) in the mix, but they kind of put a punk twist on things.

This brings a whole different sound to the table, but not too different as to alienate the overall sleazy feel of the music. It’s really hard to describe, so you’ll have to listen to it to see what I mean. I suppose you could think of it as possibly akin to what the Ramones might sound like with Stephen Pearcy on vocals, but a lot heavier. Okay maybe that’s a little extreme, but hopefully you get the idea. On a personal level, I really like this album, it’s full of great rock songs that get all up in your grill. It’s not afraid to square up to you, and then kick you in the bollocks. Yep, it’s THAT dirty.

If you want slushy love songs, then don’t listen to this. If however, you’d prefer songs that spit in the faces of just about everyone, full of angst and getting one up on everybody else, then this is definitely the album for you. Of course, if all you’re looking for is a great rock album, with straight up, hard as hell, aggressive music and lyrics, then my friends, you could do a helluva lot worse than this album.

Just scanning through the tracklisting should give you some idea of the theme of the album. Songs that spring to mind are “Bullshit & Backstabbing” “Motherfuckers Like You” and “Spit On Me” spring to mind. I honestly think that they chose “Hated” for the title, not because that’s how the band feel they are portrayed by the rest of the world, but more how the world is viewed by Sister. They don’t like you, in fact they probably don’t like anyone, and they get that message across in the music brilliantly. That means that almost everyone in the world can relate to it in some way.

To sum up, this is a great record, that’s down, dirty and downright mean. It’ll fuck you up, and then stand there and laugh at you, before fucking you up some more. I feel like my brain has been contaminated by some nasty disease, and I’m now going to go and pour bleach in my ears to see if I can disinfect my brain. Maybe I’ll just give the album another spin instead though. It’s an addiction, but you’ll always get the dirty needle. It’s not good for you, you know it’s not good for you, but you’ll keep coming back for more, I guarantee it.