Furyon Live at High Voltage Festival 2011

One of the bands we were most looking forward to seeing at the 2011 High Voltage festival were Brighton “classic” rockers Furyon, and they took to the Metal Hammer stage to be met with an absolutely bloody huge crowd. Obviously word is starting to get out about exactly how good they are and in spite of the early hour they drew an audience that none of the other bands on the Hammer stage could match that day.

Their recent homecoming gig in Brighton was, by all accounts, an amazing show so we were dying to see if the good things we had heard were true, were Furyon really going to be THAT good ???

Oh. Fuck. Yes.

Having followed the band for a while it was awesome to see so many people there in Furyon shirts, and to see so many people singing along. They have toured their debut album Gravitas extensively and that hard work has undoubtedly paid off. Speaking to guitarist Pat after the show he said that the continuing improvement was mostly down to their extensive touring schedule. Any band can only do so much in the rehearsal studio and it’s not until they get out on stage that things can really start to gel.

Another bonus was the fact that this was a Furyon back in full effect. Guitarist Chris Green has rejoined his bandmates after an extended trip to the US and he made his presence felt, trading awesome solo after awesome solo with Pat. For a band to have one amazing guitarist is rare enough, but to have two… Was this the best twin-guitar attack we saw all weekend ?

Well, it would definitely take some beating.

Although those Schenker brothers on later were pretty good too šŸ™‚

Chris’s performance was all the more surprising considering he was here against medical advice. He is presently nursing a badly smashed up jaw that must make life difficult. Wouldn’t like to be in his shoes if his doctor finds out he’s been headbanging on stage šŸ™‚

Furyon really are the complete package. They have two absolutely incredible guitarists and in Matt Mitchell they have an inspired frontman. The intensity and passion he puts into every performance is almost unbelievable and when you couple that with the well crafted, catchy, anthemic rock songs from Gravitas you have all the ingredients for a massive success.

Furyon are a band who just keep on getting better and better and at High Voltage no one who saw them would deny that they put on one of the sets of the weekend. What a start to the day…

Brilliant, just brilliant.