Powerwolf – Blood Of The Saints

They Say :- Straight from the start, Blood Of The Saints demonstrates what POWERWOLF is all about: dark and epic power metal, with the signature voice of Attila Dorn and an almost shameless sense for catchy hits. From the opening hymn “Sanctified With Dynamite”, until the last chord of “Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild)”, it is the combination of majestic and orchestral arrangements and straight-forward old school metal that provides the songs with that infectious joy of playing that makes you raise your first and howl with the wolves. Not without respectfully quoting their heroes, from Iron Maiden to Accept, here and there (“Night Of The Werewolves”, “Son Of A Wolf”) with no exception all of the ten songs on Blood Of The Saints scream to be celebrated live. “I think we have managed to find a great balance between epic and orchestral parts and furious metal action – all wrapped in great and catchy songs” comments guitarist Matthew Greywolf. Mentioning the catchiness of the songs, it is with no doubt that after listening to instant hits such as “We Drink Your Blood” or “Murder At Midnight”, one will have to admit that there is hardly any other band in the contemporary heavy metal scene that produces such a large output of potential hit-single tunes

We Say :- I’d not heard of these guys before, yes really. I should be facing a firing squad for my metal ignorance of the past few years. This was partly the reason for wanting to write in the first place. I wanted people to share my journey of discovery, as I stumbled across new artists, and ones that time had long since forgotten. So for my first Powerwolf experience, I got to listen to their 4th album “Blood Of The Saints” and do you know what? No? Then you best read my review below.

This was a great surprise, a hard and heavy rock album that begins with an eerie intro, before launching into some crunching power metal. Think something along the lines of Manowar and you won’t be far off the mark. No false metal on this album, and wimps and posers need not even bother to turn up on pain of death. These guys don’t mess about and will think nothing of assaulting your ears with some of the loudest, most powerful rock music you are ever likely to hear.

The vocals are very powerful, I’m trying to think of other vocalists to compare to but I’m struggling. Udo Dirkshcneider, and of course Eric Adams but at some points Geoff Tate (I kid you not) even springs to mind, but these are only passing references. Ranging from clean melodic vocals to full on powerful vocals roughened around the edges, and even venturing into almost operatic territory at some points while the music backs everything up beautifully.

This is as pure a rock album as you are likely to hear, full of screaming guitar solos and rhythms that will pound your brain into submission. The pace is relentless, with only a few quieter moments scattered here and there for no other reason than I can think of but to lull you into a false sense of security before setting about you with another bout of pummelling from Thor’s hammer. Musically it’s very tight and it just oozes quality and everything is turned up to eleven. These guys should be played as loud as Airbourne, if not louder. Is it possible to play anything louder than Airbourne though? Perhaps that’s a debate for another time.

I really can’t recommend this album highly enough. At times there are chanting, almost choral harmonies along the lines of ‘Crown and the Ring’ from Kings Of Metal (again I’m using another Manowar comparison) but that is the only band that I can think of that Powerwolf even comes close to. I’m just trying to provide you all with a reference point, nothing more. They’re like Manowar in terms of subject matter with strong fantasy themes, bloodthirsty warmongering songs and battle anthems throughout… and it’s really powerful stuff. I honestly think that Joey DeMaio would absolutely LOVE this album so perhaps someone should play it to him. They play it with conviction, and a passion that comes across in every song.

This album will be released on 1st August 2011 in Europe on Metal Blade records, and I predict that it’s going to be a monumental success in the Powerwolf story. This really is an album of outstanding quality, and one that anyone passionate about rock/metal should add to their collection as soon as possible.

As for me ?

I’ve got another 3 Powerwolf albums to add to my collection. These guys are fuckin awesome.