Trucker Diablo : Interview with Tom Harte

The big things we spoke about at the last Twitrfest are starting to come true for the awesome Trucker Diablo. Hot on the back of an all conquering performance at the 2011 Download festival the guys have just inked a record deal with US label Ripple. We caught up with Trucker Tom to get the latest news from the world of the big truck….

Firstly, we haven’t spoken since your Download appearance, how did you manage to land a slot on the bill there ?

I’m sure Andy Copping may tell a different story lol.  We pretty much plagued him for a while, I know he doesn’t like it but how is a band to get ahead?

So Andy finally came back and said the roster was provisionally full but to try, on which he and Danny Bowe from Thunder gave bands a chance to get on the bill.  Outta of 204 bands we were picked and as you can imagine we were overjoyed.

Bit of a dream come true I’d imagine ?

Absolutely, years ago I watched Noisy Muvva’s and seen the bands there and hoped some day we would get a chance to do it. That came true this year, truly amazing!!!

It’s been a big 12 months for the band, first that Download show and now the news we’ve been expecting, you’ve gone and got yourselves signed ?

We did indeed, to be honest I didn’t think it would happen until the second album, I dunno why, just had that in my head.

How did the deal come about with Ripple Music, did they approach you?

As you may or not know myself and Seatzie offa Twitter are web stalkers and we hunt people into submission lol, joking.  Myself and Seatzie put a lot of hard work networking and making contacts to get reviews and radio play etc.  We had been suggested to them through an Australian contact from memory and we sent off the standard blurb etc and received an amazing response, they did their research with some industry people over in the UK about us and they heard great things, they loved the music and decided we were a good fit.

So we had been talking for about 2 months before anything was signed.

Why go for their particular offer?

The offered seemed really fair and they had a family orientated strategy within the label to help us grow with them and that was important to us.  We signed for two albums with a possible renewal after that.

Was there much discussion within the band about whether or not this was the best deal, Ripple are a fairly small and new company based a long way away ?

I know, we did have a few conversations.  I think deep down we always thought the U.S would be the best place for us.  We have had a few responses from UK labels that were positive but nothing concrete When we spoke to the guys we knew this was the place for us, they were so into the music and dedicated to pushing us further, we never got any of that from labels here.  I found in my own opinion, if you weren’t doing anything after 6 months to a year you were bucked out the door in the UK, I’m maybe wrong though…..So Ripple offered us a few years to grow as artists and get the next album out.  We are pleased to announce and the response and Trucker love has been amazing.

This is a worldwide distribution deal for two albums, Will it also see The Devil Rhythm getting a more widespread release ?

Yep, The Devil Rhythm with be released in the states and worldwide with major distribution in North America.  I also hear there is talk of a vinyl release, apparently there this is a resurgence for the plastic stateside.

The Big Truck has a lot of friends in the US, you looking forward to getting over there and showing them what you can do ?

Definitely, we have made some great contacts and a few great shows have already been pencilled in.

When things take off in the States for you it’ll mean long spells away from your family, I’d imagine that’s the downside of following your dreams ?

Of course, but the way we see it everyone wins,  if Trucker does well everyone reaps the rewards and sure it’s only a flight away and there is always skype lol

So what’s next, what are the plans for the coming months ?

We have a few festivals and shows to play here and will be in Glasgow on the 21st of October for the Hard Rock Hell showcase, if we get through that we will be playing the festival so fingers crossed for that…