Thunder Live At High Voltage Festival 2011

Judging by the number of Thunder t-shirts on display at High Voltage there were quite a few people here to see this latest “one off, last Ever” gig from the English rock legends. I wonder if all the people who bought the t-shirts at the bands last “one off, last ever” gig can get a refund 🙂

As the band’s AC/DC intro tape ran there was a real buzz round the crowd that was pretty mich unlike anything else that had been felt all weekend. This was an occasion, this was one of those “I was there” moments….

And you kinda knew exactly what to expect….

The set opened with Back Street Symphony which got everyone going.Most of us had grown up listening to this band and to see them all back together and apparently enjoying the occasion as much as we were was a brilliant moment.

The setlist was packed with old favourites, but there was (of course) one song in particular that even the less partial observers were waiting for… and they kept us waiting for a while.

Love Walked In is a track which has a special significance for an entire generation, can it really be 20 years ago that it came out ?? (Now THAT makes me feel old). OK, so nostalgia was playing a big part here but in the bright afternoon sunlight Thunder wound back the years and showed why, should they decide to carry on, they would always have an eager audience. This was a Rock’n’Roll show and many a younger band could learn a lot from these blokes……

Another great thing about this show was that it WAS Thunder, more than one reformed 80s rock band on the go at the moment have very few members in common with their heyday but this was the real deal, and by god do they still have it.

This just didn’t feel like a band who were making one last appearance, and I’m sure there will be more “one off, last ever” shows to look forward to. See you there.