Nightvision – Consequence Of Sin

They Say :- Nightvision are an incredibly talented and exciting young British 4-piece hard rock band from Lincolnshire, who having released their irresistible tour de force debut album ‘As The Lights Go Down’ on Rocksector Records in 2009 have continued their steady rise through the ranks of the modern generation of British original heavy rock/metal bands.

Nightvision’s eagerly awaited second album, to be titled, ‘Consequence of Sin’ is to be released on 19th September 2011 on the Rocksector Records label. Recording took place at Axis Studios in Doncaster with Nightvision working again with amazing Producer and Recording Engineer Matt Elliss (GU Medicine, Black Spiders, Louise, The Glitterati and many others) The album release is being supported by a music video featuring album track ‘So Many Lies’ and will be hitting Scuzz and Kerrang just prior to the album release.

We Say :- “First impressions they mean so much”, apparently. Well my first impression of Nightvision was when I caught them live at last years SOS Festival in Manchester. They put on an impressive show, one of those bands who punched well above their weight image- and creativity wise, and although they played to a fairly sparse crowd there was no faulting their effort. It was a performance that hinted strongly at great things, and one which marked them down as definite ones to watch.

Now, If I’m honest I didn’t feel that the energy and passion that they showed live was entirely captured on their debut album As The Lights Go Down. It was a good release but I just felt that it was missing a certain spark.

Fast forward a year and the band are about to release the follow up, entitled Consequence Of Sin. This a release that I have been looking forward to, could it follow up on that initial promise or would this turn out to be another young band who end up stuck in their own little rut ??

Well, any fears of this being more of the same from Nightvision lasts for about 10 seconds. The album opens with heavy, almost thrash, riff which clearly shows that they have resolved the “are we rock or are we metal” question with a definite swing towards the hard and heavy end of the musical spectrum. Oh the neat melodies, intelligent lyrics and huge drag-you-in hooks are all still there but this is a much louder, harder and heavier effort as the band strongly assert their developing musical identity.

With so many groups attempting to occupy the same swathe of musical territory it takes something a bit special to stand out, and Nightvision deliver that with panache. From the very first notes of So Many Lies you just know this is going to be something a bit special. Although it’s still recognisably the same band it just sounds, and feels, so much better. I feel this is largely down to the development in musical style, which has been remarkable. Nightvision can do the straight up metal thing when called for, and do it damn well, but they can also deliver arena-rocking tunes like What Makes You Bad, tunes that mega-bands like Nickelback would be proud to call their own.

It’s been a good few weeks for new music here at CackBlabbath, but this is a release that is right up there with anything else I have heard recently. It’s really quite difficult to find anything negative to report here at all, so I’m not going to try.

Nightvision are a band who, given the right breaks, could easily go huge.