Silverdollar – Morte

We Say :- Here at CackBlabath one of the best things about doing what we do is coming across bands that we know nothing about, and which would otherwise never appear on the musical radar. Sometimes it’s not exactly brilliant, but occasionally, just occasionally, something comes along which so comprehensively floats your boat that it’s time to consider building an ark.

Now, hitherto I knew nothing about Sweden’s Silverdollar, and the PR blurb was suitably vague about what could be expected from their new album Morte. Things start off with a long-ish spoken intro, something about “Approaching the challenge of climate change with a sense of profound joy”. So there you go, Silverdollar are one of those prog-metal bands with a social conscience then….

Well, yes and no. Think the best bits of that genre without the pretentious bollocks that so often gets grafted on. Musically it is an interesting mix, It’s big riff and chorus driven proper heavy metal in a Queensryche-esque progressive vein which, in spite of the fairly serious subject matter, never disappears up it’s own arse, the message never getting in the way of the music.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything with quite this immediate impact, it just sounds right. Of course that is helped by a stand out production job which fits the overall feeling of, for want of a better description, quality. The guitar tone in particular is crisp and clear, with the by now expected virtuoso display of technical widdlyness, showing off the band’s obvious prowess without ever feeling the need to stop the song to shoehorn in a guitar solo 🙂

There is certainly a thematic thread tying the tracks together but this is not a ramed-down-your-throat concept album. And it really does feel like an album, and not just a collection of songs which were thrown together. There is an old fashioned ebb and flow here and impressive balance between epic feeling progressive metal, as displayed in tracks  such as the titular Morte, and more out and out high velocity head banging power(ful) metal.

This is an album which should have massive appeal across a broad swathe of the musical spectrum. It’s highly technical yet brilliantly melodic and completely accessible.

Great stuff. Check it out.