Dominanz – As I Shine

We Say :- Right, another day, another band that I hitherto knew very little about. As I Shine is the new album from Norwegian outfit Dominanz, and it arrived the day before I set off on holiday, and has sat patiently waiting for it’s turn on my iPod.

Now almost all of the new stuff I have listened to this week has been pretty damn good, so could Dominanz keep up the string of excellent releases arriving from German promo company Massacre ??

But before we go on to look at that, let’s just have a word about genre’s because this is, apparently, Atmospheric Industrialized Metal. So there you go…..

The first thing that strikes you about Dominanz is how, for once, the tag they’ve been landed with does actually give you an idea of what to expect. This is primarily excellent percussion lead metal, driven on by a heavy industrial beat. Now anything with the Industrial Metal tag will automatically draw comparisons with Rammstein, but Dominanz are a very different beast. OK, so there are moments when they evoke the layered sound of the German legends, but here everything is topped off by a brilliant lead vocal performance that is as much Death Metal as it is Industrial. It’s not something I initially expected when I first approached this album, but once you get over the initial WTF factor it certainly does give the album a distinctive edge.

The problem with a lot of Industrial electronica and metal is that it is in it’s element in a smoky club, but as an album listening experience things can become a little predictable. To to be honest I don’t think Dominanz fall into that trap as, for me, there’s enough going on here to keep things sounding interesting. The electronica influences throughout, the neat Black Metal riff on From Skin To Heart, the female vocals on Last Day Of Your Life all being case and point. It’s touches like those that point to a more expansive mixture of elements than you may otherwise expect.

I have no idea what it is about Scandanavia that makes it such a hot bed of brilliant heavy music, but for me Dominanz are up there with anything else to come from the viking lands in recent months.